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You have reached the Web site for the Department of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver.

The Graduate School at UC Denver

Cancer Biology Program

Graduate Training in Biomedical Research Leading to a Ph.D.


The Cancer Biology Graduate Program wants to invite talented students to explore! Despite major breakthroughs made in the past three decades regarding cellular and molecular pathways of carcinogenesis, there is still significant clinical need to identify novel ways to reduce mortality and morbidity of cancer. The CANB program offers a vast faculty network drawn from various fields of biomedical and clinical sciences. The program provides a diverse body of students with rigorous training in a collaborative environment to cultivate the training program’s tenants of advancing translational research and discovering new venues for cancer treatment and prevention.    

Paul Jedlicka MD, PhD - Student Advisor

Student Handbook


Current CANB Students

Prostate cancer lab that uses a stem cell model to identify novel oncogenes and tumor suppressorsRicher Lab
Elucidating Mechanisms of Resistance to Src Inhibition in Thyroid CancerSchweppe Lab
Characterizing T Cells in the Lung Tumor Microenvironment of Non-small Cell Lung CancersNemenoff Lab
Wee1 Synergizes with Chemotherapeutics by Enhancing DNA DamagePorter Lab
The Role of PIK3Ca in Initiating Stemness of Head and Neck Squamous Cell CarcinomasHead and Neck Cancer Lab
Transcriptional regulation of cytokeratin 5 by progesterone receptors, and ties to cancer cell stemnessSartorius Lab
Pearson Lab
Breast Cancer oncogenesis
Jimeno Lab
Mechanisms of immune suppression in triple-negative breast cancerRicher Lab
Exploring drug synergism in Ewing Sarcoma cell linesHeasley Lab
Functions of micro-RNA 150 in Mammary Gland Development and Breast CancerRicher Lab
ESE-1 Maintains Transformation of HER2+ Breast Cancer Cells via Up-Regulation of Autocrine Growth FactorsGutierrez-Hartmann Lab
Focal Adhesion Kinase facilitates aggressive phenotypes induced by acquired resistance to Src-inhibition in thyroid cancerSchweppe Lab
Elucidating the Opposing Roles of Complement Components in Lung CancerNemenoff Lab
Investigating Targeted Therapy Resistance in Thyroid CancerSchweppe Lab
RET signaling and resistance in RET-fusion positive NSCLCDoebele Lab
determining the role of PI3K-driven SOX2 in cancer stem cell phenotypes.Jimeno Lab
Tryptophan Catabolism- a Key Promoter of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Metastatic PotentialRicher Lab
Thorburn Lab
Role of the FGFR1 C-Terminus in Signal RegulatioDoebele Lab
Lyons Lab
Novel mechanisms of kinase plasticity inDoebele Lab
Schweppe Lab
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