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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. We are a Top Ten Medical School in primary care, pediatrics, family medicine and rural medicine, and offer physical therapy and physician assistant programs.

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Structural Biology and Biochemistry

Upcoming Events

​Date Speaker​ ​Title ​Host
​ALL STBB ​Program Seminars  RC1 S 9th Floor Conference Room​ 12 Noon
​Au​g. 13 ​Candice Wike ​Thesis Defense NA
Aug. 27​ ​Dr. Israel Fernandez ​MRC Lab of Molecular Biology; Cambridge, UK ​Dr. Kieft
​Sept. 3 ​Dr. Amy Palmer ​UC-Boulder ​Aga Kendrick
​Sept. 10 ​Dr. Changwei Liu ​UCD-AMC ​NA
​Sept. 17 ​Dr. Scott Keeney ​Molecular Biology Seminar Series Guest Speaker ​NA
​Sept. 24 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​   Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 1 ​Student Journal Club/ Meet in RC1 N 6123 ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 8 Student Journal Club/ Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 15 ​Melanie Blevins ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Oct. 22 ​Student Journal Club/ ​​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 29 ​Dr. Gongyi Zhang ​National Jewish Health ​NA
​Nov. 5 ​Dr. Richard Benninger ​UC-Denver Bioengineering/ Barbara Davis Diabetes Center ​Aga Kendrick
​Nov. 12 ​Dr. Chris Xing ​University of Minnesota ​Dr. LaBarbera
​Nov. 19 ​STBB 1st Rotation Talk ​Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee,
& Michael Olenek
​Dec. 3 ​Dr. Brian Strahl ​Univ. of North Carolina School of Medicine ​Dr. Kutateladze
​Dec. 10 ​Aga Kendrick ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Dec. 18 ​STBB Holiday Potluck ​No Seminar--Only Luncheon ​NA
​Jan. 14 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Jan. 21 ​Michael Holliday ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Jan. 28 ​Vishantie Dostal ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 4 ​Ryan Hill ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 11 ​Stephen Pollard ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 18 ​Ryan Walsh ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 25 ​STBB 2nd Rotation Talk Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee, 
& Michael Olenek
​Mar. 4 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Mar. 18 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Mar. 25 ​Alex Barrett ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 1 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Apr. 8 ​Travis Nemkov ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 15​ ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​​Vishantie Dostal
​Apr. 22 ​Erik Hartwick ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 30 ​Structural Symposium ​Hensel Phelps/
Trivisible Room
​May 6 ​Dr. Richard Tycko ​National Institutes of Health ​Dr. Zhang
​May 13 ​Dr. Steward Shuman ​Sloan Kettering ​Dr. Johnson
​May 20 ​STBB 3rd Rotation Talk Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee, 
& Michael Olenek
Coming Soon!