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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. We are a Top Ten Medical School in primary care, pediatrics, family medicine and rural medicine, and offer physical therapy and physician assistant programs.

The Graduate School at UC Denver

Structural Biology and Biochemistry

Upcoming Events

​Date Speaker​ ​Title ​Host
​ALL STBB ​Program Seminars  RC1 S 9th Floor Conference Room​ 12 Noon
​Au​g. 13 ​Candice Wike ​Thesis Defense NA
Aug. 27​ ​Dr. Israel Fernandez ​MRC Lab of Molecular Biology; Cambridge, UK ​Dr. Kieft
​Sept. 3 ​Dr. Amy Palmer ​UC-Boulder ​Aga Kendrick
​Sept. 10 ​Dr. Changwei Liu ​UCD-AMC ​NA
​Sept. 17 ​Dr. Scott Keeney ​Molecular Biology Seminar Series Guest Speaker ​NA
​Sept. 24 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​   Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 1 ​Student Journal Club/ Meet in RC1 N 6123 ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 8 Student Journal Club/ Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 15 ​Melanie Blevins ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Oct. 22 ​Student Journal Club/ ​​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Oct. 29 ​Dr. Gongyi Zhang ​National Jewish Health ​NA
​Nov. 5 ​Dr. Richard Benninger ​UC-Denver Bioengineering/ Barbara Davis Diabetes Center ​Aga Kendrick
​Nov. 12 ​Dr. Chris Xing ​University of Minnesota ​Dr. LaBarbera
​Nov. 19 ​STBB 1st Rotation Talk ​Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee,
& Michael Olenek
​Dec. 3 ​Dr. Brian Strahl ​Univ. of North Carolina School of Medicine ​Dr. Kutateladze
​Dec. 10 ​Aga Kendrick ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Dec. 18 ​STBB Holiday Potluck ​No Seminar--Only Luncheon ​NA
​Jan. 7 ​Dr. Stirling Churchman ​Harvard University ​Dr. Bentley
​Jan. 14 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal

​Jan. 21 ​Michael Holliday ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Jan. 28 ​Vishantie Dostal ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 4 ​Student Journal Club ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Feb. 11 ​Stephen Pollard ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Feb. 18 ​Ryan Hill ​Thesis Update Talk NA
​Feb. 25 ​STBB 2nd Rotation Talk Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee, 
& Michael Olenek
​Mar. 4 ​Ryan Walsh ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Mar. 18 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Mar. 25 ​Alex Barrett ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 1 ​Student Journal Club/ ​Practice Talks ​Vishantie Dostal
​Apr. 3 ​Dr. Xiaodong Cheng ​Emory University ​​Dr. Kutateladze
​Apr. 8 ​Travis Nemkov ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 15​ ​Dr. Kevin Quinn National Jewish Health ​​NA
​Apr. 22 ​Erik Hartwick ​Thesis Update Talk ​NA
​Apr. 30 ​Structural Symposium ​Hensel Phelps/
Trivisible Room
​May 6 ​Dr. Robert Tycko ​National Institutes of Health ​Dr. Zhang
​May 13 ​Dr. Steward Shuman ​Sloan Kettering ​Dr. Johnson
​May 20 ​STBB 3rd Rotation Talk Aaron Issaian, Sky Lee, 
& Michael Olenek
Coming Soon!