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Engineering Leadership Council

George Saliba, Quantum

Mr. Saliba is the President and CEO of STSI Inc. STSI is currently leading the development of Technology & IP for a family of advanced data storage and management products.

Prior to STSI, Saliba held the position of Vice President of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager at Quantum Corporation. Saliba joined Quantum in 1994 as the primary DLT inventor from Digital Equipment Corporation and led the explosive growth of the multi-billion dollars DLT business. In addition to VP/GM and CTO Saliba directed the Advanced Products Group at Quantum for over 22 years. Saliba was the primary inventor at Quantum Corporation and he was awarded over 75 patents covering the development of multiple businesses and successful product advancements at Quantum Corporation, including the DLT product family and numerous Quantum data storage products and systems.

His career spans over 35 years in the data storage industry. Prior to Quantum, he was the Senior Group Engineering Manager of the Data storage products at Digital Equipment Corporation. Saliba also held a variety of senior engineering management and technical staff positions in developing state-of-the-art disk drives at Storage Technology Corporation.

Over the years, Saliba has received numerous awards for his work: Quantum’s “Inventor of the Year” for 1996 and 1998, and Quantum’s “Lifetime Achievement” Award for 1997. Saliba holds 78 U.S. issued patents and numerous pending patents in the data storage and system technologies and over 50 patents issued in the EU and JP and has published extensively in various data storage fields.

A CU alum who obtained both BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Saliba also holds BT1 and BT2 degrees in Electrical Engineering from Ecole Des Arts et Sciences.