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_Core Faculty

​Core faculty members are involved in teaching, research and advising for bioengineering students. These faculty members hold primary appointments in the Department of Bioengineering. Each incoming graduate student is assigned to a core bioengineering faculty for first-year academic advising. Most bioengineering PhD students work under a core faculty member. Learn more about them by reading their profiles.


AAFfiliated Faculty

Affiliate faculty members hold primary appointments outside of bioengineering and are engaged in myriad research topics that may have bioengineering components. A growing number of graduate students have an affiliate faculty member as their primary research advisor. Several affiliate faculty members also serve as instructors for BIOE classes and on bioengineering thesis advisory and/or examination committees.

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_Graduate Student Profiles

Our bioengineering MS and PhD students come to us from around the state and the globe with diverse backgrounds including quantitative disciplines like mathematics, engineering and physics, as well as the life sciences disciplines such as biochemistry. Every student will eventually complete a project, thesis or dissertation. Learn about their topics of interest here.