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Research Publications 2012-current 
  • Aleena M. Notary, Matthew J. Westacott, Thomas H. Hraha, Marina Pozzoli, Richard K.P. Benninger. “Gap junction modulation recovers [Ca2+] and insulin secretion in Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus dependent on beta cell heterogeneity and noise”. PLoS Computational Biology. 2016.


  • Nikki L. Farnsworth, Rachelle L. Walter, Alireza Hemmati, Matthew J. Westacott, Richard K.P. Benninger. "Low Level Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Decrease Connexin36 Gap Junction Coupling in Mouse and Human Islets through Nitric Oxide Mediated Protein Kinase Cδ." The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2015 Dec 14; 291(7):3184-964. PMID: 26668311


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Troy Hutchens, W. Steven Head, Michael J. McCaughey, Min Zhang, Sylvain J. Le Marchand, Leslie S. Satin, David W. Piston. "Intrinsic islet heterogeneity and gap junction coupling determine spatiotemporal calcium wave dynamics." Biophysical Journal. 2014 Dec 2; 107(11):2723-33. PMID: 25468351


  • Eva Nozik-Grayck, Crystal Woods, Joann M. Taylor, Richard K.P. Benninger, Richard D. Johnson, Leah R. Villegas, Kurt R. Stenmark, David G. Harrison, Susan M. Majka, David Irwin, Kathryn N. Farrow. "Selective depletion of vascular EC-SOD augments chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension." American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 2014 Dec 1; 307(11):L868-76. PMID: 25326578


  • Nikki L. Farnsworth, Alireza Hemmati, Marina Pozzoli, Thomas H. Hraha, Richard K.P. Benninger. “Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Reveals Regulation and Distribution of connexin36 Gap Junction Coupling within Mouse Islets of Langerhans." The Journal of Physiology. 2014 Oct 15;592(Pt 20):4431-46. PMID: 25172942


  • John M. Hartney, Timothy Stidham, David A. Goldstrohm, Rebecca E. Oberley-Deegan, Michael R. Weaver, Zuzana Valnickova-Hansen, Carsten Scavenius, Richard K.P. Benninger, Katelyn F. Leahy, Richard Johnson, Fabienne Gally, Beata Kosmider, Angela K. Zimmermann, Jan J. Enghild, Eva Nozik-Grayck, Russell P. Bowler. "A common polymorphism in extracellular superoxide dismutase affects cardiopulmonary disease risk by altering protein distribution." Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics. 2014 Oct;7(5):659-66. PMID: 25085920


  • Thomas H. Hraha, Matthrew J. Westacott, Marina Pozzoli, Aleena M. Notary, P. Mason McClatchey, Richard K.P. Benninger. "Phase transitions in the multi-cellular regulatory behavior of pancreatic islet excitability." PLoS Computational Biology. 2014 Sep 4;10(9):e1003819. PMID: 25188228


  • Yan Hang, Tsunehiko Yamamoto, Richard K.P. Benninger, Marcela Brissova, Min Guo, Will Bush, David W. Piston, Alvin C. Powers, Mark Magnuson, Debbie C. Thurmond and Roland Stein. "The MafA transcription factor becomes essential to islet beta-cells soon after birth." Diabetes. 2014 Jun;63(6):1994-2005. PMID: 24520122


  • Linda M. Nguyen, Marina Pozzoli, Thomas H. Hraha, Richard K.P. Benninger. “Decreasing Cx36 gap junction coupling compensates for overactive KATP channels to restore insulin secretion and prevent hyperglycemia in a mouse model of neonatal diabetes.” Diabetes. 2014 May;63(5):1685-97. PMID: 24458355


  • Thomas H. Hraha, Abigail B. Bernard, Linda M Nguyen, Kristi S. Anseth, Richard K.P. Benninger. “Dimensionality and size scaling of coordinated Ca2+ dynamics in pancreatic β-cell clusters.” Biophysical Journal. 2014 Jan 7;106(1):299-309. PMID: 24411262


  • W. Steven Head, Meredith L. Orseth, Craig S. Nunemaker, Leslie S. Satin, David W. Piston, Richard K.P. Benninger. “Connexin-36 gap junctions regulate in-vivo first and second phase insulin secretion dynamics and glucose tolerance in the conscious mouse.” Diabetes. 2012 Jul;61(7):1700-7. *Special Commentary. PMID: 22511206


Research Publications 2004-2011:

  • Richard K.P. Benninger, W. Steven Head, Min Zhang, Leslie S. Satin, David W. Piston. “Gap junctions and other mechanisms of cell-cell communication regulate basal inuslin secretion in the pancreatic islet” Journal of Physiology (2011)  589 pp5453-66.​ PMID: 21930600


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Maria S. Remedi, Alessandro Ustione, W. Steven Head, David W. Piston, Colin G. Nichols. “Defects in β-cell Ca2+ signalling and glucose metabolism underlie defective insulin secretion in a model of KATP channel-induced neonatal diabetes mellitus” Diabetologia (2011) 54 pp1087-97. PMID: 21271337


  • Aizhen Zhao, Yuhan Hao, Marcella Brissova, Richard K.P. Benninger, Joel Abramowitz, Guylain Boulay Alvin C. Powers, David W. Piston, Meisheng Jiang, Lutz Birnbaumer, Guoqiang Gu. “GαO represses insulin secretion by regulating insulin vesicular docking in pancreatic β cells” Diabetes (2010)  59 pp2522-9. PMID: 20622165


  • Michael Meyer-Hermann, Richard K. P. Benninger “A mathematical model of β-cells in an islet of Langerhans sensing a glucose gradient” HFSP Journal (2010)  4 pp61-71. PMID: 20885774


  • Lynley D. Pound, Suparna Sarkar, Richard K.P. Benninger, Yingda Wang, Adisak Suwanichkul, Melanie K. Shadoan, Richard L. Printz, James K. Oeser, Catherine E. Lee, David W. Piston, Owen P. McGuinness, John C. Hutton, David R. Powell, Richard M. O'Brien “Deletion of the Mouse Slc30a8 Gene Encoding Zinc Transporter-8 Results in Impaired Insulin Secretion” Biochemical Journal (2009)  421 pp371-376. PMID: 19450229


  • Christopher J. Easley, Richard K.P. Benninger, Jesse H. Shaver, W. Steven Head, David W. Piston   “Rapid and inexpensive fabrication of polymeric microfluidic devices via toner transfer masking” Lab on a Chip (2009) 9 pp1119-1127. PMID: 19350094


  • Subhadra C. Gunawardana, Richard K.P. Benninger, David W. Piston “Subcutaneous transplantation of embryonic pancreas for correction of type 1 diabetes” American Journal of Physiology- Endocrinology and Metabolism (2009) 296 E323-332. PMID: 19066321


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Bruno Vanherberghen, Stephen Young, Sabrina Tanner, Fiona F. Culley, Tim Schnyder, Mark A.A. Neil, Daniel Wüstner, Paul M.W. French, Daniel M. Davis, Björn Önfelt “Live cell linear dichroism imaging reveals extensive membrane ruffling within the docking structure of Natural Killer cell immune synapses” Biophysical Journal- Biophysical Letters (2009) 96 L13-15. PMID: 19167281


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, William J. Ashby, Elisabeth A. Ring, David W. Piston “A single-photon counting detector for increased sensitivity in two-photon laser scanning microscopy” Optics Letters (2008) 33: pp2895-7. PMID: 19079484


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Min Zhang, W. Steven Head, Leslie S Satin, David W. Piston “Gap Junction Coupling and Calcium Waves in the Pancreatic Islet” Biophysical Journal (2008) 95: pp5048-5061. PMID: 18805925


  • Richard K.P. Benninger*, Shu Mao*, Yuling Yan, Chutima Petchprayoon, David Jackson, Chistopher J. Easley, David W. Piston, Gerard Marriott “Optical lock-in detection of fluorescence resonance energy transfer using synthetic and genetically-encoded optical switches” Biophysical Journal (2008) 94: pp4515-24. (* Equal contributors) PMID: 18281383


  • Sunil Kumar, Christopher Dunsby, Pieter A.A. DeBeule, Dylan M. Owen, U Anand, Peter M.P. Lanigan, Richard K.P. Benninger, Daniel M. Davis, Mark A.A. Neil, Praveen Anand, Cristopher Benham, Alan Naylor, Paul M.W. French. “Multifocal multiphoton excitation and time correlated single photon counting detection for 3-D fluorescence lifetime imaging” Optics Express. (2007) 15: pp12548-12561. PMID: 19550524


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Oliver Hoffman, Björn Önfelt, Ian Munro, Christopher Dunsby, Daniel M. Davis, Mark A.A. Neil, Paul M.W. French, Andrew J. deMello. “Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Dye: DNA Interactions within Continuous Flow Microfluidic Systems” Angewandte Chemie International Edition (English). (2007) 46: pp2228-2231. PMID: 17436333


  • Pieter DeBeule, Dylan M. Owen, Hugh B. Manning, Clifford B. Talbot, Jose Requejo-Isidro, Christopher Dunsby, James McGinty, Richard K.P. Benninger, Daniel Elson, Ian Munro, M. John Lever, Pravene Anand, Mark A.A. Neil, Paul M.W. French.  “Rapid Hyperspectral Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging” Microscopy Research Techniques (2007) 70: pp481-484. PMID: 17366615


  • Björn Önfelt, Shlomo Nedvetski, Richard K.P. Benninger, Mark A Perbhoo, Stefanie Sowinski, Alistair N. Hume, Miguel C. Seabra, Mark A.A. Neil, Paul M.W. French, Daniel M. Davis. “Structurally Distinct Membrane Nanotubes between Human Macrophages Support Long-Distance Vesicular Traffic or Surfing of Bacteria” Journal Immunology (2006) 177: pp8476-83. PMID: 17152745


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Yasemin Koç, Oliver Hoffman, Jose Requejo-Isidro, Mark A.A. Neil, Paul M.W. French, Andrew J. deMello. “Quantitative 3D Mapping of Fluidic Temperatures within Microchannel Networks Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging” Analytical. Chemistry (2006) 78: pp2272-2278. PMID: 16579608


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Oliver Hoffman, James McGinty, Jose Requejo-Isidro, Ian Munro, Mark A.A. Neil, Andrew J. deMello, Paul M.W. French. “Time-resolved fluorescence imaging of solvent interactions in microfluidic devices” Optics Express. (2006) 13: pp6275-6285. PMID: 


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, Björn Önfelt, Mark A.A. Neil, Daniel M. Davis, Paul M.W. French. “Fluorescence Imaging of Two-Photon Linear Dichroism: Cholesterol Depletion disrupts Molecular Orientation in Cell Membranes.” Biophysical Journal (2005) 88: pp609-622. PMID: 15520272


Review Articles and Book Chapters
  • Richard K.P. Benninger. "Fluorescence linear dichroism imaging for quantifying membrane order." Methods Mol Biol. 2015; 1232:161-79. PMID: 25331136


  • Richard K.P. Benninger, David W. Piston. "Cellular communcation and heterogeneity in pancreatic islet insulin secretion dynamics." Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2014 Aug;25(8):399-406. PMID: 24679927


  • Nikki L. Farnsworth, Richard K.P. Benninger. “New insights into the role of connexins in pancreatic islet function and diabetes” FEBS Letters. (2014) 588(8) pp1278-1287, Invited Review. PMID: 24583073


  • Richard K.P. Benninger and David W. Piston “Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy for the Study of Living Cells, Tissue and In-vivo” Current Protocols in Cell Biology, (2013) 59:4.11.1-4.11.24. PMID: 23728746​


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