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Computational Fluid Mechanics



Primary research in computational fluid dynamics is a branch known as computational two-phase flow. Faculty are involved in developing and using numerical methods directed toward the simulation of flows during which phase change causes mass to be transferred across moving distorting phase interfaces.

Recently, faculty have also become interested in interface tracking including the effects of electrohydrodynamics.


Current projects in computational fluid mechanics are:

  • Simulation of deformable droplet migration due to electrocapillary forces.
  • Electrohydrodynamic improvement of boiling heat transfer

Faculty Information

Samuel Welch, PhD

Associate Professor, Department Chair
Phone: 303-556-8488
Fax: 303-556-6371
Web site:

Research Interests:

  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Heat transfer
  • Two-phase flow

Recent Publications

  • Welch, S. W. J., and Biswas, G.,“ Direct Simulation of Film Boiling          Including  Electrohydrodynamic Forces,  Physics of Fluids,Vol. 19, No. 1, 012106
  • Welch, S. W. J., Hong, M., Trapp, J.A., and Choi, M.,“ A  Parameter-Free Second Order Numerical Scheme for Constrained Multibody Dynamical Systems”, AIAA Journal of Guidance,Control, and Dynamics,Vol. 30, No. 5, pp.1494-1503
  • G. Tomar, D. Gerlach, G. Biswas, N. Alleborn, A. Sharma, F. Durst, S. W. J. Welch, A. Delgado, “ Two-phase Electrohydrodynamic Simulations Using a Volume of Fluid Approach”, Journal of Computational Physics , Vol. 227, pp. 1267-1285
  • Hong, M., Welch, S.W.J., Jung S. ,  Choi, M., “Enhanced Second-order Implicit Constraint Enforcement for Dynamic Simulations.” KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, Vol. 2,  No. 1, Korea, KSI TIIS, pp. 51-62
  • Tomar, G., Biswas, G., Sharma, A., Welch, S.W.J., “ Multi-mode analysis of bubble growth in saturated film boiling”. Physics of Fluids, Vol. 20, No. 9, 092101
  • Tomar, G., Biswas, G., Sharma, A., Welch, S.W.J., “ Influence of Electric Field on saturated film boiling”. Physics of Fluids, Vol. 21, No. 9, 032107

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