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Senior Design Lab


In the Senior Design Laboratory, students use the concepts acquired in mechanical engineering courses to synthesize and design a unique mechanical project.

There are two senior design courses. These projects are the capstone project of mechanical engineering design.

Students have access to a machine shop. Students have a manual and cnc mill, drill presses, welder MIG TIG, wire-feed welder, plasma cutter, oxyacetylene torch and other laboratory equipment. Students work in groups of four to eight to design and construct a capstone project.

For information about the Senior Design Laboratory, contact Associate Professor Ron Rorrer: 303-556-2553 or Or, check out his research page.

Senior Design is a capstone project where students apply the knowledge and skills gained in classes and labs to a real-life application of product design, system solution or process improvement.

Courses related to the Senior Design Laboratory include:

  • MECH 4035 Senior Design I*
  • MECH 4045 Senior Design II**

*Prerequisite(s): MECH 3035 Design of Mechanical Elements, MECH 3042 Heat Transfer
**Prerequisite(s): MECH 4035 Senior Design I

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the UC Denver academic catalog and search for the course numbers listed above.