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Biofuels research in the department is focused on chemical transformation of lipids and cellulosic biomass into renewable fuels. The research thrust in this area is the development of catalytic deoxygenation process with an aim towards production of renewable diesel, jet fuel and gasoline from biomass derived feedstock (e.g. algal lipids, waste cellulosic biomass). Development and optimization of these energy densification processes is accomplished using heterogeneous catalysis, process kinetics, analytical chromatographic methods, and process modeling.

Faculty Information

Arunprakash Karunanithi, Assistant Professor
Sustainable Infrastructure

BS in Chemical Engineering from Annamalai University, India in 2001
MS in Chemical Engineering from University of Connecticut in 2004
PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Connecticut in 2005


Phone: 303-556-2370
Office: North Classroom 3019 C

My research interests include systems engineering, environmental and sustainable systems modeling, green process and product design, biofuel process design and urban sustainability assessment.