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CLAS Policies, Forms & Procedures

Managing Cash



Effective on February 1, 2007, this policy would only apply to advances requested on or after that date.

Some of the highlights:

Subject fee advances that used to be processed through the online Travel Authorization Program (TAP) will now be handled through petty cash funds.

Travel advances should be accomplished by using the university travel card.  One exception is provided for faculty members traveling to a remote location that does not have ATM access. In those cases, travel advances from the TAP system will be allowed with some restrictions.

Only employees of the university are allowed to receive advances.  Students are not allowed to receive advances.  A faculty sponsor would be required in cases when a student would be in a situation where an advance is needed. 

In most cases, advances are limited to $1,500.

Please refer to the PSC Communicator for more details.


Petty cash funds are new to our college.  Therefore, if individuals in your department are interested in setting up a petty cash fund for subject fee payments, please contact the dean’s office prior to initiating any paperwork with the campus finance office.  We want to ensure that individuals involved with petty cash funds have the proper training for accounting for the funds and in basic cash-handling protocols.