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CLAS Policies, Forms & Procedures

Computer Replacement Budget Distribution Policy



As of the fiscal year 2007-08, the university no longer manages a central computer-replacement program. In the new paradigm, CLAS has been allocated an annual budget for implementing a college-wide computer-replacement program. Given that the allocation is set by the University, not by CLAS administrators – and given that CLAS comprises widely diverse faculties – CLAS departments are better positioned to appropriately prioritize the use of these funds within their own area. The annual CLAS allocation for computer replacements will be dispersed to departments as lump sums, to be allocated as departments deem best, within specific guidelines. Details are spelled out in the Policy Guidelines below.

This policy acknowledges that the current university funding scheme is inadequate to provide timely replacement of all CLAS computers. Departments may need to supplement these funds to meet their computing needs.


  • To ensure an equitable distribution of available computer-replacement funds across departments in the College.
  • To ensure that CLAS-purchased computers used by faculty and staff are replaced on an appropriate basis. 
  • To collect information on computer replacement budget short-falls over time and to document the need to increase funding at the unit level.


This policy pertains to CLAS-purchased computers used by CLAS faculty and staff. Specifically it does not include computers in the labs owned or operated by the College. Computers that have been purchased for research activities are not eligible to be replaced under this policy.

Policy Guidelines

  1. The centrally allocated computer-replacement budget will be distributed to departments based on the department’s percentage of eligible employees, based on the total number of CLAS eligible employees at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  2. Eligible employees include:
    1. Tenure and tenure-track faculty who have been employed in CLAS for longer than 2 years and all CLAS full-time instructors.
    2. Permanent staff with a 50 percent or greater appointment whose position is at least 60% funded with College general funds.
  3. Departments may not use allocated computer-replacement funds for purposes other than faculty and staff computer replacement and upgrades. Funds may not be used for purchasing technology other than computers – such as fax machines, copy machines, etc.
  4. Departments are expected to develop an internal policy to maintain reasonable equity in the distribution of computing resources to faculty and staff.
  5. Departments are required to comply with ITS policies regarding the exclusion of computers running old operating systems from the university network. Computers that are identified as having no useful value to the College will be disposed of by following the UCDHSC computer disposal procedure.
  6. Departments are expected to follow ITS minimum specifications for computer purchases.
  7. When an individual assigned a CLAS-purchased computer leaves the college or no longer uses a serviceable computer, the equipment must be returned to the primary unit for reassignment.