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Supporting Students

Students with Emotional Issues

Faculty will discover that there is a small, but growing, population of students with emotional problems that interfere with their ability to handle the academic workload and succeed in the classroom. UC Denver established the Student Counseling Center to assist students with this need. This Center also houses the Counseling and Family Therapy Center open to individual faculty and staff, as well as couples and families.

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center provides free, short-term (up to 10 sessions) counseling to students who may be in need of assistance in issues related to student behavior. The Center is staffed by professional psychotherapists and advanced graduate-level students who are supervised by licensed, practicing psychologists and UC Denver faculty members. The Center also refers students to off-campus, long-term counseling when appropriate. The Center provides workshops on stress management, conflict resolution and acculturation issues.

Most faculty are ill-prepared to identify emotional problems let alone counsel students in this situation. To assist students with emotional problems, faculty should contact the UC Denver Student Counseling Center. Professional services are available through the Student Counseling Center to assist faculty in this area.

Frequently Encountered Situations

Faculty don't know whether to contact Office of Student Life or Counseling Center for disruptive students with emotional problems.
Faculty don't know how best to encourage students to seek counseling.