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Managing a Course

Room Requests and Changes

Classroom space: a Limited and Shared Resource

Classrooms on the Auraria campus are tightly booked. In Fall and Spring terms, even some departmental conference rooms are hard to find open during high-demand hours. If you feel special arrangements are needed for your course, it is important to understand the resource limitations and how the process works.

Blocks of classrooms are allocated to each of the three institutions on campus, and from there to each school or college. Several rounds of classroom scheduling take place long before the term begins. CLAS rarely gets enough large classrooms in the first round. The CLAS Course and Curriculum Coordinator must work diligently and cooperatively the Rooming Coordinator in the Registrar's Office, as well as with peers at MSCD and CCC, to allocate the best space possible to each course. Given the space limits, every faculty member cannot get exactly what he/she would prefer every term.

Classroom Assignment Request Form

Requests for specific classrooms, buildings, or classroom types must be submitted through the chair of your academic department during the schedule production process. Request forms are provided with the schedule edits of the course schedule for a specific term, and should be completed and returned to the Course and Curriculum Coordinator when schedule edits are due.


  • First priority: Requests to accommodate faculty and/or students with disabilities
  • Second priority: Special pedagogical needs

Classroom Choices

  • Case room (horseshoe seating)
  • Tiered classroom (auditorium-style seating)
  • Seminar classroom (non-fixed tablet armchairs)
  • Specific classroom and/or building

How do you get a form?

Forms are specific to the term, and supplied to departmental chairs by the Course and Curriculum Coordinator in the CLAS Dean's Office. Your chair will receive forms with the initial call for schedule edits each semester. Be sure to discuss your needs with your chair as soon as possible. It is very difficult to change an assigned classroom after room assignments are finalized. Exceptions are made, however, for faculty and students with disabilities who cannot access the classroom. In these cases, other classes will be moved in order to find appropriate accommodations.​​​