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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Denver

Preparing a Course

Course Classifications

The following classifications are used for administrative purposes. The codes in parentheses are no longer being used, but you still may hear these terms at college and department meetings. Typically, CLAS courses are classified in just one category.

Main Campus Courses (D1)

The bulk of courses delivered on our campus fall into this broad category. The University receives state funding based on student credit hours for delivering these courses -- which can be undergraduate or graduate. All dollars received for these courses (tuition paid by students and state allocations) are directed into the base budget of the University.

Extended Studies Courses For-Credit (D2)

These college-specific courses are not supplemented with state funding, so tuition must be higher to cover the costs of delivery. They are, primarily, taught off campus. University credit is earned and may or may not apply toward a degree program. The college covers the cost of these courses and also receives the revenue directly. Travel-study and CU-Succeed courses fall into this category.

Extended Studies Courses Not For-Credit (D3)

Non-university credit courses fall into this category. While CLAS departments offer very few D3 courses, the classification is typically used for delivering seminars for working professionals for which a certificate of completion is generated. These courses can generate continuing education units (CEUs) with the formula of 10 contact hours = 1 CEU. Completion of D3 courses will not appear on a student's transcript. As with D2 courses, the college incurs the cost and receives the revenue directly.​