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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Women's & Gender Studies

Spring 2014 Courses

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Women and Gender Studies Courses

WGST 3020- Gender, Sexuality and Race in American Popular Culture

This course explores the impact of popular culture on the lived experience of diverse women and men in America. Students will examine how cultural media (including film, television, print ads, music & digital games) can both reproduce and challenge existing structural inequalities.

Note: This course fulfills the CLAS diversity core requirement

WGST 3939- Internship

Designed experiences involving application of specific, relevant concepts and skills in supervised employment situations. Junior standing and 2.75 GPA.

WGST 6010/HUMN 5984/SSCI 6010- Methods and Theories of Feminism and Gender Studies

Provides graduate-level interdisciplinary study in historiography, methodologies and theories of women’s, gender and sexuality studies and considers how culture is constructed around these categories. Cross-listed with SSCI 6010.

Note: This course fulfills one of the core requirement options for the WGST graduate certificate.

Anthropology Courses

ANTH 4200/5200- Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

A comparative analysis of gender-based status and social roles of women and men, with women’s status and roles emphasized due to their near-universal construction as the “Other” sex. Examines in cross- and sub-cultural context the relations among women’s status and their subsistence and reproductive activities; and the division of labor by sex, ideology and political economy. Prereq: ANTH 2102 or equivalent.

Criminal Justice Courses

CRJU 4140- Domestic Violence and Crime

This course examines the criminal justice systems response to intimate partner violence by focusing on the interactions between victims, offenders and the individual components of the criminal justice system. By exploring the dynamics of intimate partner violence this course addresses the theory, history, research, legislation and policy implications related to the criminal justice system’s response to violence against women.

Economics Courses

ECON 3100- Economics of Race and Gender

Overview of the determinants of wages, employment and education in the labor market. Emphasizes the investigation of the evidence and theories of differentials that appear to be associated solely with race and sex, and public policies associated with discrimination and poverty. Prereq: ECON 2022.

Fine Arts Courses

FINE 4524/5524- Topics in Art History: Gender and Contemporary Art

This course will address ways in which gender issues have affected the visual arts since the early 20th century, with an emphasis on art and culture since World War II. Students will explore influences upon the ways Western culture has defined art and artists in gendered terms, and be encouraged to adopt a critical perspective regarding the arts, gender, and culture. Students will consider how gender is relevant to the creation and study of contemporary visual culture, and the socio-cultural factors influencing gender and sexuality in contemporary art.

History Courses

HIST 3349- Social Movements in 20th Century America

By surveying the major American social movements of the twentieth century, this course will explore how Americans have created categories of race, ethnicity, culture, and sexuality and how elite and marginalized citizens have deployed these categories in politics.

Philosophy Courses

PHIL 3500- Ideology and Culture: Racism and Sexism

Surveys the nature and role of racism and sexism. Topics may include ideology theory, naturalism, the equal protection clause, recent scientific discussion, sociolegal history, and social constructionism.

Political Science Courses

PSCI 3035- Political Movements: Race and Gender

Examines the emergence, growth, and decline of social movements for race and gender equality. Discussion of political issues of race and gender in the 1990s.

PSCI 4827/WGST 4827- Women and the Law

Examines the role of the courts in the development of public policy toward women; how the legal system affects the economic power, family roles, safety and political participation of women. Cross-listed with WGST 4827 and ETST 4827.

Psychology Courses

PSYC 3235- Human Sexuality

Examines the physiological, psychological, and social psychological bases of human sexuality. Research on the range of sexual behaviors, individual sexual response, sexual development, sexual dysfunction, and variants of sexual orientation. Prereq: PSYC 1000, 1005 and 2090, or permission of instructor. Semester Hours: 3 to 3

Sociology Courses

SOCY 3010/WGST 3010- Sociology of Human Sexuality

Increases the understanding of differences in views of sexuality, specifically the link between sex and reproduction and its role as the motivation for gender roles and sex acts. Explores the history of sexuality, cross-cultural studies and primate modeling. Cross-listed with WGST 3010.

SOCY 3080/WGST 3080- Sex and Gender

Causes and consequences of sex role differentiation at the individual, group and societal levels. Current issues related to changing norms and values concerning gender in modern society are examined. Cross-listed with WGST 3080.

SOCY 3700/WGST 3700- Sociology of the Family

The family as a social institution. Historical development and contemporary cross-cultural analysis, with emphasis on the contemporary American family. Cross-listed with WGST 3700.

Theatre Courses

THTR 3611- Drama of Diversity

Investigates the creation and reinforcement of gender, ethnic, and racial stereotypes in theatre, film, and television in the United States. The course explores how popular images are created by writers, directors, and performers, and become “reality” for the audiences for which they are intended. Semester Hours: 3 to 3​​​​