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Learning Assistant Program

LAs provide support both in the classroom (e.g., supporting group work) and out of the classroom (e.g., tutoring and recitation sessions).
  • LAs are uniquely prepared because as a new LA ​​​they concurrently take a course on pedagogy while working with the instructor on course reform. This 2-credit course is specifically designed for LAs, and meets on Fridays.
  • LAs attend all lectures for their assigned course and facilitate student learning.
  • Each LA holds a one-hour semi-structured weekly student help session.
  • They meet weekly with the instructor of their assigned course to work on ways to help all students master the course material and reflect on student successes and difficulties.
  • Returning LAs earn $1200 per semester, and new LAs earn $1500 per semester ($300 more to defray the cost of the required pedagogy course)
  • LAs gain professional development experience and insights into their own academic performance.
  • LAs will also be given priority among applicants for the PULSE Noyce Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the Learning Assistant Program must have:

  • earned an ‘A’ in the course for which they wish to be a learning assistant.
  • an overall GPA of 3.00 or better.​​​
  • an interest in teaching.