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"I recommend this internship program to college students because of the diverse experience I gained. I observed different methods of classroom teaching, and I was challenged to work in environments with students of different ages, skill levels, and levels of enthusiasm...During my internship, I practiced the skills of communication, patience, and learning to follow others-- skills which will continue to help me throughout my education, my career, and my entire life." - Todd S.

Noyce Internships are available to undergraduate math and science majors who are interested in learning more about the world of education without the full commitment of the scholarship component. Interns gain hands-on teaching experience by assisting lead teachers, tutoring students, and guiding middle and high school students through one or more various education programs. Current opportunities include summer school enrichment programs, academic classes, after-school science clubs, camps and more. See the "Learn More" page for more information about eligibility and program details.
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