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Internship Program

Program Benefits

  • Help students learn math and science in a variety of settings, including a middle school or high school classroom, as a one-on-one tutor, or at a summer math/ science camp.
  • Decide if you want to pursue teaching as a career
  • Improve your own communication skills, regardless of your career choice
  • Earn $10 per hour

Eligibility Requirements

Internship Candidates must be: 

  • A freshman or sophomore at CU Denver.
  • Majoring in math or sciences, or considering a major in one of these fields. Math applicants must have successfully completed Calculus I. 
  • Interested in teaching, though no formal commitment to pursue teaching as a career is required.
  • Able to demonstrate a major GPA of at least 3.0 and cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  • A US citizen or permanent resident.

Current Opportunities

Most internships are customized to each application based on his or her area of expertise, interest, schedule, and the needs of our partner schools. Some of the schools we are currently working with include: 
  • Denver School of Science and Technology: DSST Public Schools has six schools on four campuses. For the third year in a row, a DSST school has been named the #1 high school and #1 middle school in Denver. Serving a diverse student body, the school has a college-preparatory STEM focus. To learn more about the schools, visit their website.
  • Noel Community Arts School: Serving students in grades 6-10, NCAS offers a college preparatory curriculum infused with the arts. The curriculum includes project-based learning, 21st century skills, and artistic demonstration of academics. This fall, we have openings for math interns. To learn more about the school, visit their website.
  • The Innovation Hyperlab: Located at Gateway HS in Aurora, the Hyperlab is a space specifically designed for students to create and innovate. Teams of high school students work with an experienced teacher to make prototypes to solve everday problems. This year, we have openings for interns who are interested in science or engineering to work with the project teams. 
  • Sheridan High School: Located near southwest Denver, Sheridan is a small district, serving students in two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Noyce interns are tutoring Sheridan HS students as part of their AVID program, and also working in math and science classrooms. To learn more about Sheridan, visit their website​