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Health Career FAQs

The Typical Timetable for the Application Process


The "typical" time for the application process for dental school is a minimum of a year and one-half. The following times assume a traditional student who is attending school full time. I realize that many students on this campus do not fit this mold. You will have to fit this into your time table. What is more important is to follow the steps in the appropriate order. So the easiest thing to do is to outline the steps/courses in the recommended order.

Freshman/Sophomore Year

  • During this time you should take general biology with lab and general chemistry with lab. Be sure you take the courses designed for majors.
  • You should also be gaining experience, either through paid positions or volunteer positions, about the health care delivery system as it exists today. The dental schools are going to look for evidence of this.

Sophomore/Junior Year

  • During these years you should take organic chemistry with lab and physics with lab. UCD offers both a College Physics (physics 2010 - 2040) which is trigonometry based, or a general physics which is calculus based. The choice is yours. Most students take the trig based physics, as this is what is covered on the MCAT. However, if you REALLY like math, and it comes easy to you, the calculus based may be better prep.
  • You should continue gaining experience about the medical profession. You can't have too much!

Junior/Senior Year

  • This will be the busiest time for you with respect to the application process. For those who have already completed a BA or BS degree, there will be less to do. For those who are still working on a degree, you will need to (in most cases) complete your degree prior to matriculating into dental school.
  • Once you have completed all the pre-requisite courses, you need to register for the DAT. This is done usually the Spring semester of the Junior year or the equivalent.

Here is a list of the events that occur as part of the process in the general order they occur in.

    Year One

  • Late January - DAT Registration available on the web for that calendar year.
  • January - Committee Letter packets available in NC 3014B
  • January - Get copy of transcripts and verify that they are accurate to date!
  • Late February - Early March - AADSAS applications available on the web.
  • March, April, and May - Work on AADSAS application and committee letter packet; get letters of recommendation. Send out transcript requests as soon as possible. Start working on personal statement.
  • June 1st - Earliest date to submit AADSAS application. Submit as early as possible. Continue to work on letters of recommendation if applicable as well as committee letter if applicable.
  • March - September - Interviews at UCD for committee letters
  • July - December - Start receiving secondary applications. Timing of arrival dependent on when AADSAS application was submitted.
  • September -December - Interviews conducted by medical schools. Again, timing dependent on completion of AADSAS and secondary applications

    Year Two

  • January - April - Interviews held by Dental schools
  • March and April - 85% of those accepted will receive their acceptances about this time.
  • May - Graduate from College!
  • May - July - Prepare to begin dental school.