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Master's of Integrated Sciences

Fact Sheet


Fact or Fiction about the MIS program

All projects and thesis must be lab based.

FICTION! In fact, most theses and projects undertaken by MIS students are not lab based. Science, mathematics, and computer science are not limited to laboratory research; research projects can be lab based, field based or library based. They can involve the collection of new data or can involve the analysis of existing, published data in a new way.

I can construct my program of study to fit my own research interest.

FACT! The MIS program has some general parameters but there is built-in flexibility so that students can pick classes, with the aid of the program director, offered by several different departments to construct a program of study that will further their career goals.

There is no structure to the program and I can take anything I want with out checking with any one.

FICTION! The MIS program is highly flexible but certain distribution requirements exist in terms of the departments students take classes from. Additionally, programs of study must be approved by the director of the MIS program prior to taking the classes. For example, classes in the social sciences, integrated sciences and humanities are not generally allowed. To count, special permission must be obtained in writing from the director of the program.

I can take 3000-level classes for this program, as long as I have 4000- and 5000-level, too.

FICTION! No 3000-level courses are allowed for graduate credit, but you can take 4000-level classes as long as you have a minimum of 18 credit hours of 5000 or above.

Faculty from the Health Sciences Center and other CU campuses can serve on my graduate committee.

FACT! You can ask faculty at other CU campuses to serve on your committee, but they may only serve, not chair the committee and must have a graduate faculty appointment through CU-Denver.

I can fill in my program with independent study credits when courses aren’t offered in my chosen area.

SOME FACT, SOME FICTION! You can take up to 9 independent study credits to count toward your degree. Anything over 9 credits will not be allowed.

If I transfer into the MIS program from another degree program, all the credits I took previously will be counted toward my MIS degree.

FICTION! All credits counted toward the MIS degree must be approved by the MIS director, and must conform to the distribution requirements specified for the degree.