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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


International Studies BA Program

Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQs will be added as the program develops. We urge you to look at the specific pages dealing with Language requirements, Internships, and Study Abroad for more information on those topics.

Can I use credits from a study abroad or travel study program for my major?

Yes. The INST program supports study abroad and travel study. Courses must be at the upper division level and, of course, they need to have non-U.S. content. They should also be from one of the disciplines that participate in the program. Be sure to discuss the courses you plan to take in a study abroad program with an INTS advisor.

What if there is an international course offered that is not listed in the thematic concentrations, can it be used towards the major?

Maybe. You need to alert the Director of the program to the course. There are courses that are appropriate for the major that are not listed because they are new or because they have not been offered in a long time. If a course is international in focus and it is offered through one of the departments that participate in the degree (Anthropology, Business, Communication, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science and Religious Studies) contact the Director of the program to see where it would fit into the program.

Can I take a minor from another department with my International Studies Major?

Yes. We encourage you to develop a minor. Contact the department you are interested in for requirements.

What courses can I use for a regional specialization?

Not all courses specify the region they concentrate on in their titles. If you are looking for courses to fulfill the regional requirement, contact the instructor of the course or the International Studies advisors to ask whether a course can be used for one of the five area concentrations. Language courses taken to fulfill the general language requirement may be used towards the regional requirement as well.

Can I use ECON 2012, ECON 2022 and ANTH 2102 as part of my major even if they count towards my core requirements?

Yes. Because this is an interdisciplinary major, these core courses can count towards the major.