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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Degree Concentrations

Economics, Development and Environment

Students taking this concentration will develop an understanding of economic processes in an international context. The courses offer comparative approaches and cultural perspectives on development and environment. Students will gain an understanding of economic principles and the social science skills needed to understand the multiple policy choices facing world leaders and local actors. Twelve credit hours.

Note: Students in this Concentration must take ECON 2012-3 Macroeconomics as one of their three introductory courses. Students must take ECON 2022-3 Microeconomics in addition to three upper division courses.

Below is a list of the vast majority of courses that count toward this concentration. These are reflected in the CU Denver course catalog (and in your major degree audit). Students should consult the list of courses for the current semester "current course offerings​" on the webpage for any additional new courses.​

Of the four courses in this concentration, one of them must be ECON 2022 Microeconomics.