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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Degree Concentrations

Economics, Development and Environment


Students taking this concentration will develop an understanding of economic processes in an international context. The courses offer comparative approaches and cultural perspectives on development and environment. Students will gain an understanding of economic principles and the social science skills needed to understand the multiple policy choices facing world leaders and local actors. Twelve credit hours.

Note: Students in this Concentration must take ECON 2012-3 Macroeconomics as one of their three introductory courses. Students must take ECON 2022-3 Microeconomics in addition to three upper division courses.

Of the four courses in this concentration one of them must be:

  • ECON 2022-3 Microeconomics (Required)
  • Students must then choose three upper division courses from the following:
  • ANTH 4010-3 Bio-cultural Foundations of Health
  • ANTH 4070-3 The Culture of Development
  • ANTH 4170-3 Culture and the Environment
  • ANTH 4140-3 Principles of Economic Anthropology
  • ANTH 4390-3 Resource Conservation and Sustainable Development
  • ECON 4081-3 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECON 4230-3 Law and Economics
  • ECON 4410-3 International Trade
  • ECON 4420-3 International Finance
  • ECON 4770-3 Economic Development-Theory and Problems
  • ECON 4540-3 Environmental Economics
  • GEOG 3300-3 Population and Resources in the World Environment
  • GEOG 3401-3 Agriculture and Food
  • GEOG 3411-3 Globalization and Regional Development
  • GEOG 3420-3 Political Ecology
  • GEOG 3430-3 The Geography of Tourism
  • GEOG 4265-3 Sustainability in Resource Management
  • INTB 3000-1 Global Perspectives (new)
  • P SC 4126-3 Introduction to International Political Economy
  • P SC 4248-3 Gender and International Development
  • P SC 4235-3 Politics and Markets in Latin America
  • P SC 4326-3 Advanced International Political Economy II
  • P SC 4248-3 Gender and International Development
  • P SC 4365-3 Global Ecological Crisis
  • P SC 4555-3 International Women’s Resistance