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Master of Humanities and Master of Social Science Programs

Program Advising

All incoming students have as their academic advisor either Dr. Margaret Woodhull, Director, Humanities; Dr. Omar Swartz, Director, Social Science; or Dr. Jordan Hill. The advisor helps design a course of studies consistent with the students intellectual interests. It is the student's responsibility to contact their initial advisor as soon as they enter the program. The student should make regular contact with the advisor, ideally at least once each semester.

For general CLAS graduate advising information, forms and graduate rules, see the CLAS Graduate Advising page by clicking here. For information about graduate student rules, click here for the UCD Graduate School Graduate Student Handbook.

Suggested Courses

Each semester, the MHMSS Programs creates Suggested Courses List. This is a list of courses/classes that the MH and MSS Director's have reviewed and approved for our MHMSS students to take without requiring an appointment with an advisor to find out whether the course is appropriate.  The list will be updated before the beginning of each semester, posted on the MHMSS website, and emailed to students.  If a student does not see a particular course which they would like to take, the student should contact their advisor to discuss alternative courses.  Suggested Courses List can be found under the MHMSS Important Documents page.