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Master of Humanities

Philosophy and Theory Track


Director: MH: Dr. Margaret Woodhull
Direcotr: MSS: ​Dr. Omar Swartz
English: Dr. Gillian Silverman
English: Dr. Michelle Comstock
Philosophy: Dr. Robert Metcalf
Political Science: Dr. Lucy McGuffey


The Philosophy and Theory Track in the Master of Humanities Program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to studying philosophy, critical theory, and related theories of criticism and analysis in various Humanities disciplines. Students who pursue this concentration may focus their coursework variously in philosophy, social theory, literary theory and criticism, cultural criticism, intellectual history, and political theory. In this track, students develop analytic skills that allow them to integrate knowledge and modes of thinking that reflect the demands of critical inquiry. 
By combining philosophical theory and critical thinking in one interdisciplinary track, students will be prepared to pursue advanced academic or professional degrees, secondary and higher education teaching, careers in art and literature, criticism, law, media and other careers with demand for critical thinking.
Requirements for this track total a minimum of 21 credit hours of the 36 required for the Master of Humanities degree. These are in addition to the 9 hours of required coursework for the general Master of Humanities degree (see below). The 21 hours are dedicated to philosophy and theory related work, and must include one required methodology course to be determined with the Master of Humanities advisor, 12-15 credit hours of philosophy/theory related courses, and 3-6 hours of project or thesis work on a philosophy/theory related topic. All but 6 credit hours (or 2 courses) must be at the graduate level. The break down is described below:
Core Master of Humanities Requirements:
  • HUMN 5025: Methods and Texts of the Humanities (offered every fall)
  • Mid-Program Seminar (defined as any graduate-level HUMN course, must be approved by the Master of Humanities advisor)
  • HUMN 5924: Directed Research and Readings in Interdisciplinary Humanities (offered every spring)
Philosophy and Theory Track Requirements:
  • Philosophy/Theory methods course (3 credit hours): Must be approved by the Master of Humanities Director or Associate Director.
  • Minimum of 12-15 credit hours of focused coursework in Philosophy/Theory related course (see suggested electives below).
  • 3-credit hour project or 6-credit hour thesis on a Philosophy/Theory topic, written in consultation with the required 3-person committee.
(The following is not a comprehensive list. See your advisor to discuss these and other elective courses for the track.)
HUMN 5013 Philosophical Problems in the Social Sciences and Humanities
HUMN 5020 Elements of Social Thought
HUMN 5550 Paris 1910: Art, Philosophy, and Psychology
HUMN 5650 Reflections on Modernity
HUMN 5720 Sexuality, Gender and Visual Representations
HUMN 5750 Philosophical Psychology
HUMN 5984 Art of Empire
SOCY 5015 Contemporary Sociological Theory