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Graduate Advising

Graduate Advising

Your First Term

The Sociology Department's graduate advisor is Dr. Kari Alexander.  First term students must contact Dr. Alexander to schedule an appointment to meet with her before the term begins.

Your Committee Chair

Whether you plan to complete a thesis or a project, you will need a three-member committee to guide and review your work. Once appointed, your committee chair will assume your mentoring and academic advising throughout your program.

By the end of your first semester, you should have identified a committee chair from the regular faculty in the department. Together with the committee chair, you will then decide on the other two members of the committee. For more information on the process of identifying and enlisting the right committee chair, see the Guidelines for Graduate Students.

Sociology Graduate Program Director
​   ​
Dr. Kari Alexander

Phone:  303-315-2137
Office:  Lawrence Street Center, 1380 Lawrence Street, Suite 420H

Spring 2016 Office Hours
Mondays - 8:15am - 9:15am
Wednesdays - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

If you cannot make it in during Dr. Alexander's office hours, please email to make an appointment.