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Why Sociology?

Careers in Sociology


So, you're considering a sociology degree. You're probably wondering how it will fit into your lifehow it will change you. Most importantly, you probably wonder what you will be doing after college with a sociology degree. Sociologists study group life. So what jobs require an advanced study of group life? Literally hundreds. Sociology students are hired in the corporate, nonprofit and government worlds as:

  • directors of research
  • human resource managers
  • urban planners
  • criminologists
  • economists
  • political scientists
  • anthropologists
  • psychologists
  • market research analysts

The largest outlet for sociologists is in academia. You work as an instructor or a professor, teaching in colleges and universities, advising students, conducting research, and publishing work. Hundreds of job opportunities exist for you in sociology. You enter the job field doing exactly what you love doing.

Additional information about sociology careers can also be found on the American Sociological Association Web site.