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Psi Chi International Honor Society

Psi Chi National Honor Society

Psi Chi: The International​ Honor Society for Psychology

The Stated Purpose of Psi Chi:

"The purpose of this organization shall be primarily to advance the science of psychology; and secondly, to encourage, stimulate and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all academic fields, particularly in psychology."

Dear Student,

You are invited to apply for a lifetime membership in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. Becoming a member distinguishes you as an outstanding student in the field of psychology.

As leadership changes from year to year, so does the focus of Psi Chi. In the upcoming academic year, great emphasis will be placed on becoming an active organization that strives to engage its members. To accomplish this, we are offering many new opportunities for members to participate with both faculty and peers who have a true interest in psychology. We will bring in events and host that focus on scholarship, volunteerism, and social networking. We will continue to offer our Spring Induction Banquet, where new members and those with outstanding involvement will be recognized.

In addition to such activities, Psi Chi members will receive special consideration when applying for the newly implemented Psychology Faculty Endowment for Undergraduate Research Fund, which provides significant funding to qualified students who wish to conduct their own research.

PSI CHI Application Checklist (Valid as of Spring, 2014)

Before submitting your application to Dr. Joan Bihun's mailbox in the Psychology Department (NC5002), be sure that you have:

  • Completed all parts of the application
  • Meet the minimum qualifications for membership
    • GPA in top 35% by class level for University of Colorado Denver Campus (see NOTE below)***
    • A minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA in all psychology courses
    • At least 3 semesters of college coursework completed
    • At least 9 hours of psychology courses completed
  • Attached a copy of your transcripts from ALL other colleges/universities attended IF you are a transfer student. There is no need to attach your UC Denver transcript. You may submit unofficial, personal copies of these transcripts. We need these to verify your GPA, as the UC Denver record does not include transfer grades.
  • Included your correct student number and date of birth
  • Included a current phone number and an active email address
  • Included an $85 check for life time membership fee made out to: UCD PSI CHI

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks time to process applications

Note on GPA:

The Psi Chi National Office requires that members must BOTH:

  • Rank in the top 35% of their graduating class AND
  • Have at least an overall GPA of 3.0

***NOTE: For UC Denver as of Spring 2013 end-of-term, the GPA cut off point for ranking in the top 35% is:

3.3 (Sophomore or Junior applicants)

3.4 (Senior applicants)

This means that an overall GPA of 3.0 on the website IS NOT SUFFICIENT to meet the UCD Psi Chi requirement. You must have meet the GPA top 35% cutoff the University of Colorado Denver for your class rank listed above for Psi Chi membership

Any Questions? Please contact Dr. Joan Bihun​.

Spring 2014 Psi Chi meetings:

  • Thursday January 30 @ 3:30pm in NC 4031
  • Monday February 10 @ 2pm in Library 206
  • Thursday February 27 @ 3:30pm in NC 4031
  • Monday March 10 @ 2pm in Library, TBA
  • Monday March 31 @ 2pm in Library, TBA
  • Thursday April 17 @ 3:30pm in NC 4031
  • Monday April 28 @ 2pm in Library, TBA
  • Thursday May 8 @ 3:30pm, TBA