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Careers in Psychology

Careers in Psychology

What can I do with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

Many things. Below are several articles published in the PsiChi newsletter that present many options for careers for graduates with a bachelor's degree in psychology. You may be surprised at the diversity of fields in which psychology graduates find work.

I'm Getting My Bachelor's Degree in PsychologyWhat Can I Do With It?
What Can I Do with a BA in Psychology? 

How do I maximize my chances of getting a good job with an undergraduate psychology degree?

The work required to complete a bachelor's degree in psychology will help you develop many of the skills that employers desire when hiring newly graduated college students.

Job Skills Valued by Employers Who Interview Psychology Majors
"Working Your Degree," from CNNMoney

Do I want to go on to graduate school?

There are some jobs in the human service or mental health fields that you can get with a bachelor’s degree. In general, however, the more education you have, the more opportunities open up. Many positions in the mental health fields require a master's degree. In order to become licensed as a psychologist, you need a doctoral degree—either a PhD or a PsyD (doctor of psychology). If you desire a career in academia (teaching or research), a PhD is usually required.

For more information about graduate school in psychology, see Professor Mitch Handelsman's collection of essential information about graduate school.

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