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Healthy Couples Lab

Research Assistants

Desarae White

Desarae White is a first generation college student who received an associate's degree in Psychology from the Community College of Denver. Currently, she is pursuing as Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado, Denver with plans to graduate in Fall 2014. She hopes to continue her education in a Clinical Psychology graduate program. This is Desarae's first semester assisting in the Healthy Couples Lab. Her primary responsibilities include assisting in participant recruitment and data management for the "Understanding Engaged Couple'’ Health" research study.​

Saadet Bozkurt

Saadet Bozkurt is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Denver and plansto graduate in the fall of 2014. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and wishes to continue her education by obtaining her Master's degree in Family and Marriage Counseling. She is interested in helping couples work through theirworries and issues and is interesting in using Ballroom Dance as a form of therapy for struggling couples. Saadet has recently become a member of Psi Chi and looks forward to participating in the organization.

Tara Curley

Tara Curley is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing B.S. degrees in Biology and Psychology. She will graduate in the spring of 2015 and plans on attending medical school the following fall. Her past research experience focused on protein analysis of varicella zoster virus (VZV) and, in separate studies, protein analysis and antibody research related to multiple sclerosis (MS) at the UC Anschutz - Department of Neurology. Her clinical research interests include how healthy behaviors in parents and their emphasis on those behaviors affect developing children and the health behaviors of those children after reaching adulthood. This semester will be her first semester assisting in Dr. Ranby's Healthy Couples Lab working primarily on participant recruitment and data management.