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Philosophy Club

For this new direction of the club, we want to stress the exploratory, open-ended side of philosophy. Every conversation ought to be an opportunity - a way to discover and discuss more. We encourage all participants to bring any questions or papers they might want to discuss. Social or political, metaphysical or psychological, introductory or graduate-level - we should all delve into whatever forms of philosophy strike our fancies. And we should hopefully all be introduced to some new stuff, too.

Along with this more casual, exploratory goal comes another one. We want all members to feel free to use the meeting time as a work shopping space. Bring ideas to bounce, papers for others to read, and presentations to practice and get notes on. All Auraria students and faculty members are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend.

Club Officers:

  • ​*Information coming soon as new officers are being appointed at this time*
  • Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sarah Tyson

​Club Meeting Schedule: 

First meeting every Thursday at 5:00 pm in Plaza M108A (Philosophy Department Suite)