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MyMathTest Preparation

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Online Review Information:

Do the online review at home before coming to the MERC Lab!

  1. Click on the Pearson link:,01,01&view=yes
  2. The default selections should be:
    Book: University of Colorado-Denver Student Orientation
    Chapter 1: Student Orientation to MyMathTest
    Section 1: How to Answer Questions
  3. Complete "Chapter 1: Student Orientation to MyMathTest" first. This chapter consists of 18 easy exercises to orient you with the MMT testing engine, and will be helpful moving forward. The course material here is NOT indicative of either assessment.
  4. If you are trying to qualify for 1070: College Algebra for Business or 1110: College Algebra, then complete "Chapter 2: Prep for Algebra."

    There are 49 comprehensive questions ranging from Beginning Algebra to Intermediate Algebra. If you have NOT completed a full-year course in Algebra 2 in high school, then you will find many of these questions challenging. If you need help on a problem, then click on "Help me solve this" or "View an example." Both options provide learning assistance. If neither of these options seem to help you relearn the material, then you should probably consider taking Intermediate Algebra at a community college.

    The Pearson engine will allow you to practice the same question type with different numbers, so there's no excuse for not trying everything at least twice! All of the material for the MMT assessment and almost all the material for the ALEKS assessment is contained in this review. The questions on the real assessments may be phrased differently, but the material is the same.
  5. If you are trying to qualify for 1401: Calculus I, then complete "Chapter 3: Prep for Calculus."

    There are 83 comprehensive questions ranging from Intermediate Algebra to College Algebra to College Trigonometry. ​Even if you have a 27 on the ACT-Math portion or a 620 on the SAT-Math portion, we HIGHLY encourage you to look over this material! Again, there's no excuse for not trying everything at least twice!​ 

    If you have NOT successfully completed at least one of the following, then you should consider taking a lower class:
    • High School Trigonometry (one semester)
    • High School Precalculus (preferably two semesters)
    • High School Math Analysis (should have completed five chapters of Trigonometry in addition to Algebra 2 material)
    • College Precalculus (MATH 1130 at UCD)
    • College Trigonometry (MATH 1120 at UCD)