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MS Alumni (Thesis Option)

2010Engau, AlexanderOptimal Volunteer Assignment with an Application to the Denver B-Cycle Sharing Program
2010Lodwick, WeldonComputer-aided Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Sarcoidosis using Texture Descriptors Extracted from CT Scans
2007Billups, StephenAnalyzing Microarray Time Series Data Using a Haar Wavelet Transformation
2007Sain, SteveBounds on the Chromatic Number
2007Billups, StephenA Mission Scheduling Solution for High-Agility Earth Imaging Satellites
2006Lodwick, WeldonFuzzy and Possibilistic Programming Techniques in the Radiation Therapy Problem: An Implementation-Based Analysis
2006Cherowitzo, WilliamThe Mechanization of the Proofs of Combinatorial Identities
2005Lodwick, WeldonMutual Information-Based Registration of Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs and Electronic Portal Images
2005Cozzens, MargaretGame Theoretical Modeling of the use of Ricin as a Bioterrorism Agent
2005Payne, StanAlbelian Extensions of Q
2005Jacobson, MichaelPredicting Undergraduate Mathematics Success: An Analysis of UCD Placement Methods and the ACCUPLACER Exam
2004Fitzgerald, MarkAn Investigation of the L2E Method in Fitting Quadratric Clusters in Radio Frequency Data
2003Briggs, BillA Global Positioning System (GPS) Primer
2003Johns, CraigApplication of Extreme Value Theory and Threshold Models to Hydrological Events
2002Kafadar, KarenBootstrap Confidence Intervals for the Binomial Parameter: How Good is their Coverage when the Sample Size is a Poisson Random Variable
2002Bennethum, LynnDerivation of a Simple Polymer/Solvent System via the Hybrid Mixture Theoretic Approach
2001Payne, StanGeneralized Quadrangles of Order 5
2001Billups, StephenEfficient Plumbing Methods with Statistical Applications
2000Kafadar, KarenCalculating the Effect of Length Biased Sampling on Screen-Detected Cases in Randomized Controlled Screnning Trials
2000Billups, StephenMinimum Support Solutions for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
2000Greenberg, HarveyAn Ant Colony Approach to the Bandwidth Packing Problem
2000Lundgren, RichardA Survey on the Graceful Labeling of Graphs
1999Franca, LeoA New Submesh Strategy in the Two-Level Finite Element Method for the Advective-Diffusive Equation
1999Billups, StephenUsing Homotopy Methods to Solve Nonsmooth Equations
1999Fisher, DavidBishop Domination on an M x N Chessboard
1998Briggs, BillDifference and Differential Equations in Population Genetics
1998Fisher, DavidPacking of 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension Grid Graphs
1998Koehler, JamesVariogram Modeling and Estimation
1997Lundgren, RichardA History of Finite Simple Groups
1997Cherowitzo, WilliamThe Construction of Geometric Threshold Schemes with Projective Geometry
1997Fisher, DavidDrawing "Good" Graph Diagrams
1997Briggs, BillSimulations of Prostate Biopsy Methods
1997Briggs, BillThe Tent Map, The Horse Shoe and Pendulum: The Geometry of Chaos Control
1996Cherowitzo, WilliamThere is No Two-three Subsquare Complete Latin Square of Order Eleven
1996Briggs, BillNonlinear Dynamics of a Kite in Flight
1996Kafadar, KarenAn Introduction to Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
1996Dyckes, DouglasBradyKinn B1/B2 Antagonist Linked to a Human Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor: A Heterodimer for the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
1996Tagg, RandallUltrasound Pulse-Receive Tracking System for a Chaos and Control Experiment
1996Cherowitzo, WilliamDiscrete Logarithms in Finite Fields
1996Koehler, JamesComparing the Generalized Likelihood Ratio and Variance Tests for Binomial Homogeneity with Observation of Bayesian Adjustment
1996Briggs, BillCellular Automation Models of the Heart
1996Cherowitzo, WilliamVoting Profiles with Disjoint Condorcet Cycles
1995Franca, LeoDiscontinuous Galerkin Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
1995Fisher, DavidThe Fractional Coloring Number of the Plane
1995Briggs, BillThe Fast Wavelet Transform (FWT)
1995Fisher, DavidEigenvalues and Eigenvectors in the Max-Plus Algebra
1995Ruge, JohnMultigrid Methods for Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Problems of Infinite Dimensional Systems
1995Fisher, DavidThe Fractional Coloring Number of the Plane
1995Fisher, DavidInstability in Multicoloring and Multiclique Sequences
1994Fisher, DavidIndependence Domination Numbers of Complete Grid Graphs
1994Lundgren, RichardInterval Digraphs: A Generalization of Interval Graphs
1994Fisher, DavidOn Newton's Method to Maximize the Likelihood Function for Pair-Wise Companions
1994Lu, SylviaNoetherian Properties of Non-Notherian Modules
1993Fisher, DavidThe 2-Packing Number of 3-D Complete Grid Graphs
1993Fraughnaugh, KathrynThe Conditional Chromatic Number of a Graph
1992Fisher, DavidLipschitz Constant of a Periodic Recursion
1992Ryan, JenniferTesting Equality Knapsacks for Feasibility
1992Payne, StanThree Dimensional Classical Solid Geometry
1992McCormick, StephenA Comparison of Multilevel Adaptive Methods for Incompressible in Grooved Channels
1992Lundgren, RichardCharacterizing Chordal Graphs with Chordal Two-Step Graphs
1992Cherowitzo, WilliamGosper's Algorithm- A Decision Procedure for Partial Hypergeometric Sums
1992Lodwick, WeldonAutomatic Differentiation as Applied to the Truncated Newton's Method for Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization
1991McCormick, StephenMultigrid and Finite Difference Methods for Flow Transitions in a Planar Channel
1991Fisher, DavidUsing Fractional Coloring to Solve Sparse Iterative System in Parallel
1991Sweet, RolandPre- and Post-Processing Fourier Transform Algorithms for Real Symmetric Data Using a Complex FFT
1990Greenberg, HarveyHeuristics Search Methods for Globally Optimal Design