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About Us

Mission and Values

Mission and Values


The mission of our department is to apply social science theory and innovative research methods to critically address emerging issues in health.

What We Value

A department whose faculty, students, and research contribute to social justice with respect to health at the individual, community, national and global levels.

The specification of contextual influences on health, such as communities, culture, social networks and socioeconomic status, as a main purpose of our department.

A multidisciplinary perspective because almost all major health issues today span disciplinary boundaries. Of particular importance are projects that integrate social science and biomedical perspectives.

Graduate student theses in which students demonstrate the ability to integrate theory into their research questions, examine the plausibility of different theoretical explanations of their research topic, and explicitly draw out the theoretical implications of their work.

Mixed methods that incorporate qualitative and quantitative research to correctly identify the often complex determinants of today's health issues.

Faculty and students that are inclusive of different races, ethnicities and creeds to successfully address many of today's key health issues.

The integration of theory and practice to maintain work that is relevant to and practical in addressing contemporary health problems and also as a means to test the utility of social theories.

A critical perspective that is cognizant of both the strengths and weaknesses of current public health research and practice.