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Faculty & Staff Directory

Sheana Bull, Ph.D.


Email: Sheana Bull
Office Location: Administration Building 280A
Phone: (303) 724-1238
Fax: (303) 724-4476
Office hours: By appointment
Areas of Expertise:
Technology based health communication, reproductive health, HIV/STI prevention, adolescent health


Education & Degrees

Ph.D., Sociology, Georgia State University, 1997
M.P.H., Public Health, Tulane University, 1993
B.A., International Relations, University of California Davis, 1988


Dr. Bull is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of technology based health promotion. Her work for the past decade has focused on development, implementation and evaluation of interventions using computer kiosks, the Internet and cell phones to facilitate HIV and STI prevention and self-management of chronic illness, including diabetes and heart disease.

Dr. Bull has taught courses to undergraduate, MPH, and Ph.D. students in Public Health, Sociology and Health and Behavioral Sciences since 1998. She is the Course Director for HBS 7021, Theoretical Perspectives in Health and Behavioral Sciences, a doctoral level seminar taught in the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences at UCD, which she has taught six times. She has co-developed a course for the MPH program in CSPH, CBHS 6611 Foundations in Health Behavior. She developed and taught a new course for CSPH in Spring 2010 entitled CBHS6670 “Methods for development and evaluation of technology based health promotion programs.” Dr. Bull’s teaching philosophy is to prepare students to think critically and become skilled in the effective oral and written communication of ideas.

Select Publications

Wright, E., Fortune, T., Juzang, I., Bull, S. 2010. "Developing an HIV Prevention Intervention for delivery using Text Messaging: The 411 for Safe Text." AIDS Care. In Press

Levine, D., Madsen, A., Barar, R., Wright, E.*, Bull, S. 2010. "Asynchronous Focus Groups on My Space: Creating Cultural and Environmental Relevance for Hard-to-Reach Populations." Journal of Health Communication. In Press.

Pratte, K., Whitesell, N., McFarlane, M., Bull, S. 2010. "Factor Analyses of Condom Attitudes, Norms and Self-Efficacy Measures in Diverse Samples." Journal of Nursing Measurement. In Press.

Juzang, I., Black, S., Fortune, T., Wright, E.*, Bull, S. 2010. "The 411 for Safe Text: Outcomes from a pilot project using text messaging for HIV prevention." Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. In Press.

Leeman-Castillo, B.*, Raghunath, S., Beaty, B., Steiner, J., Bull, S. 2010. "LUCHAR: Battling heart disease with computer technology for Latinos." American Journal of Public Health 100(2):272-275.

Bull, S., Ortiz, C., Vallejos, D., Pratte, K., Whitesell, N., Rietmeijer, C. McFarlane, M. 2008. "Effects of an Internet-based HIV Prevention intervention for young adults online: The Youthnet Project." AIDS and Behavior. Jun;13(3):474-

Bull, S., Posner, S., Ortiz, C., Lin, L., Pals, S., Evans, T. 2008. "Increasing POWER for Reproductive Health: A social marketing campaign promoting female and male condoms." Journal of Adolescent Health. 43(1):71-8.

Myint-U, A., Bull, S., Greenwood, G., Patterson, J., Rietmeijer, C., Vrungos, S., Warner, L., Moss, J., O’Donnell, L. 2008. "Safe in the City - The Design, Development and Pilot-Testing of an Effective, Theoretically-based HIV and STD Prevention Video for STD Clinic Waiting Rooms." Health Promotion Practice. Published on June 10, 2008 as doi:10.1177/1524839908318830.

Glasgow, R.E., Kleges, L.M., Dzewaltowski, D., Bull, S., Estabrooks, P. 2004. "The Future of Health Behavior Change Research: What is Needed to Improve Translation of Research Into Health Promotion Practice?" Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Feb;27(1):3-12.

McFarlane, M., Bull, S., Rietmeijer, C.A. 2000. "Use of the Internet to solicit sex partners and related risk for STD among an inner city STD clinic population." Journal of the American Medical Association 284(4):443-446.

Courses Taught

CBHS 6670: Methods for Development and Evaluation of Technology Based Health Promotion Programs 

HBS 7021: Theoretical Perspectives in Health and Behavioral Sciences