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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Core Courses required of all students (21 credits)

BIOL 5445-3, Applied Environmental Biology (spring)
CHEM 5700-3, Environmental Chemistry (spring)
C E 5401-3, Environmental Engineering (fall)
ENVS 6200-3, Risk Assessment (fall)
ENVS 5030-3, Environmental Geology (fall)
One Policy Class (three credits)
MSES Seminar (three credits)

POLICY COURSE: Students must take one of the following courses (other courses may be used if approved by the students advisor and the Program Director) to satisfy the policy Core requirement.
GEOG 5260-3, Natural Resource Management and Planning
PAD 5636-3, Seminar in Natural Resource Management, Planning, and Law
PSC 4354-3, Environmental Politics
URP 6651-3, Environmental Impact Assessment

The core courses are to be taken upon entry into the MS in Environmental Sciences Program. They are the foundation for the other courses in the Environmental Sciences program.

  1. SEMINAR: The Environmental Sciences Seminar, ENVS6002, is offered each semester. Students must register for this course the first semester they are in the MS program.
  2. ELECTIVE COURSES: Upon completion of the core courses, the student and his/her advisor will determine the elective requirements that will meet the student's needs for his/her interest at this time.

The Environmental Sciences program offers six options: Air Quality, Water Quality, Environmental Health, Hazardous Waste, Geospatial Analysis and Ecosystems. The options are comprised of four courses which count as electives and are designed to approach an environmental issue from various disciplines. Students must coordinate the selection of option courses with their advisor.

The catalog descriptions of recommended general and interdisciplinary courses in Environmental Sciences, offered at the University of Colorado Denver, may be may be found on this Web page.

No more than nine credit hours required for the degree are provided through the selection of elective courses from various disciplines. No more than three courses may be from one discipline. Program flexibility is provided through the selection of elective courses in various subject areas.