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MS in Environmental Sciences Forms and Timeline

Forms and Sample Timeline

Student Timeline Through MS in Environmental Sciences Degree

Students are encouraged to follow a specific path in meeting the requirements for the MSES degree. Experience has shown that this path will minimize the time required for the student to complete the program. Many of the deadlines described in this timeline are enforced by other university entities, and are not open to slippage.

First Semester

  • Take ENVS 6002, Environmental Sciences Seminar, plus as many core courses as are available and/or that student has time to take.
  • In conjunction with ENVS 6002 complete a tentative program plan to get an idea of what courses you may be interested in taking and a timeframe for completing the program. It is never too early to begin investigating potential projects and faculty advisors.

Following Semesters

  • Complete core courses and ENVS 5600, Applied Statistics for the Natural Sciences.
  • Choose a faculty advisor.
  • Begin taking your chosen electives.

Final Semester

  • Complete elective courses and if enrolled in the thesis plan, complete thesis.
  • Coordinate with major advisor to ensure that all Advisory Committee, department, college, and graduate school deadlines are met.

Graduate School Requirements for Graduation

There are graduate school deadlines for each of the following requirements. The CLAS schedule of deadlines for the current semester can be downloaded here or picked up at the CLAS Dean's Office.

NOTE: The University of Colorado Denver places a seven year limit on all of the work to be counted toward the MS degree. If you exceed this limit, you must request that Jon Barbour or John Wyckoff write a memo to the graduate school.