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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Rudi Hartmann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (C/T)


Office Location: NC 3016 C

Phone: 303-556-5296

Fax: 303-556-6197

Office Hours: Wed 10 -12 a.m. and by appointment
Areas of Expertise:

China, Europe and Colorado/the American West; Geographic Education, Geography of Tourism, Tourism Planning, History of Geography Thought

Dr. Rudi Hartmann is an Associate Professor (C/T) in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Denver. His teaching and research interests include broadly regional geography and geographic education, tourism studies and the history of geographic thought. Since the completion of his Ph.D. dissertation at the Technical University of Munich 1983, a cross- and intercultural study of recreational travel and tourism in Germany and North America, his research specialization has remained in the field of tourism geography with present foci on heritage tourism, ecotourism and sustainable tourism planning. Over the past three decades he has been an active member of the Association of American Geography (AAG), with frequent contributions to the AAG Recreation, Tourism and Sports and China Geography Specialty Groups. He has participated in more than a dozen International Geographical Union (IGU) Congresses and Symposia, and his career has led him to lecture and visit many geography departments in North America, Europe and China. His international orientation is grounded in service, teaching and research in his home state of Colorado.


PhD,  Geography , Technical University Munich, Germany, 1983

Master’s Degree (Diplom), Geography, Technical University Munich, Germany, 1975

​​Hartmann, Rudi and Wang Jing’ai (Eds.) A Comparative Geography of China and the U.S. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer Press (in press).

Hartmann, Rudi (2013). Dark Tourism, thanatourism, and dissonance in heritage tourism management: new directions in contemporary tourism research. Journal of Heritage Tourism, pp. 1 – 17.

Hartmann, Rudi (2011). Ski Resort Development in Colorado: Current Trends and Issues. In: Nachhaltigkeit Regionalentwicklung Tourismus, Grazer Schriften der Geographie und Raumforschung, Volume 46, pp. 295 – 308.

Hartmann, Rudi (2011). From Living History at Bent’s Old Fort along the Historic Santa Fe Trail (1833-1849) to the Commemoration of Death and Disaster at the Sand Creek Massacre (1864): Regional and Thematic Connectedness of Two Heritage Sites in Southeast Colorado. In: Trends, Herausforderungen und Perspektiven fuer die tourismusgeographische Forschung, Andreas Kagermeier & Tobias Reh (Eds.), Studien zur Freizeit- und Tourismusforschung, Volume 4, Trier: University of Trier Press, pp. 85 – 102.

Hartmann, Rudi (2009). Southeast Colorado Heritage Tourism Report. Editor. Denver, Colorado: Wash Park Media, 180 pp.

Clark, Thomas, Alison Gill and Rudi Hartmann, Eds. (2005). Mountain Resort Planning and Development in an Era of Globalization. New York: Cognizant Communication Corp., 348 pp.

Ashworth, Gregory and Rudi Hartmann, Eds. (2004). Horror and Human Tragedy Revisited: The Management of Sites of Atrocities for Tourism. New York: Cognizant Communication Corp., 226 pp.

Hartmann, Rudi, Ed. (1999). The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge 1989 – 1999 – An Oral History. Denver, 40 pp. 

GEOG 1102 World Regional Geography

GEOG 1302 Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 3100 Geography of Colorado

GEOG 3120 Geography of Europe

GEOG 3160 Geography of China

GEOG 3411 Globalization and Regional Development

GEOG 3430 Geography of Tourism

GEOG 3440 Ecotourism