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Undergraduate Advising

  • Package for Undergraduate Economics Majors
    The following document contains information regarding the requirements for an economics major, a graduation certification check-off sheet, mathematics requirements for Ph.D. programs and programs in finance, suggestions for selecting a graduate program, and advice on requesting recommendations from faculty.
    • Package for Undergraduate Economics Majors
  • Economics Major with a Mathematics Minor
    Economics students interested in pursuing graduate school at either the MA or Ph.D. levels in economics, business or finance are strongly encouraged to have at least a mathematics minor. Those interested in the better Ph.D. programs, even in business and finance, will need considerably more. The following document outlines two model programs depending on interest and background.
    The economics department will waive Econ 3801 - Mathematical Economics as a required course for the major for those students with Calc 1, 2 and 3 with grades of B or better. The total number of econ hours required for the major remains 40.
  • Honors in Economics
    Below is a PDF with information about the requirements for departmental honors.  Students wishing to earn departmental honors should consult with their advisor no later than the beginning of their senior year.
    Honors in Economics Requirements

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate
    A number of students who are in the job market report that they are being asked about their knowledge of GIS.  Students can get a certificate in GIS with 18 credit hours (he also said that students should really take a couple more courses to be truly proficient).  Students should be advised of this option.  Below is the website for the certificate program:

    GIS Certificate Website
  • Personal Statement for Graduate School
    The links below are for two websites helpful in writing the personal statement for graduate school.  Many more can be found by googling 'examples of personal statements for graduateschool'.

  • Ranking U.S. Economics Programs by Faculty and Graduate Publications:
    An Update Using 1994-2009 Data  –  Michael A. McPherson
    "This article ranks academic institutions by pages published in top economics journals over the 1994-2001 and 2002-2009 periods. Because it uses a methodology similar to several earlier articles, this article permits a consideration of how institutions' ranks have changed over the past 35 years. I construct rankings based on publications by individuals affiliated with each institution, by faculty members in the economics departments at each institution, and by alumni of each doctoral program. With few exceptions, the positions of programs near the top of the rankings change little over time. However, much more dramatic changes in rank occur for lower-ranked institutions."
  • Graduate School Admissions, Class of 2011 and 2012
    The following is a list of graduate programs which have admitted our B.A. students of the class of 2011 and 2012:
    • Baylor University (Accounting)
    • Boston University (Economics, Financial Engineering, Public Relations)
    • Case Western University (Finance)
    • Columbia University (Urban and Regional Planning)
    • Cornell University (Economics, Financial Engineering)
    • Duke University (Economics)
    • Fordham University (Finance, Quantitative Finance)
    • George Washington University (Economics)
    • London School of Economics (Economics, Statistics, Development)
    • New York University (Economics)
    • Lehigh University (Accounting)
    • Ohio State University (Economics)
    • Pepperdine University (Business)
    • Penn State (Economics – Ph.D.)
    • Washington University at St Louis (Economics, Financial Mathematics)
    • Syracuse University (Economics)
    • University of Colorado Boulder (Marketing, Mathematics - Ph.D.)
    • University of California – Davis (Agricultural Economics – Ph.D.)
    • University of California – Santa Barbara (Economics)
    • University of Delaware (Economics)
    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Accounting, Economics, Financial Engineering)
    • University of Minnesota (Statistics)
    • University of Southern California (Financial Engineering)
    • University of Washington – Seattle (Statistics)
    • University of Warwick (Economics, Finance, Industrial Relations)
    • University of Wisconsin Madison (Economics)

    Please e-mail Dr. Steven Beckman with any information you feel would be useful on this page.