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Faculty Spotlights

Keranen and Dodge publish jointly

Building on research supported by a 2012 CLAS CRISP award, Lisa Keränen, Associate Professor of Communication, and Patrick Dodge, Assistant Professor Clinical Track at the International College of Beijing ... Read More »

Hassinoff book continues to garner attention

To save kids from the dangers of sexting, we should stop trying to save kids from the dangers of sexting, suggests Amy Hasinoff, Assistant Professor of Communications, in this most recent interview about her book Sexting Panic: Rethinking ... Read More »

Hasinoff continues to comment on sexting

Robbyn Hart talked last month with Communication Assistant Professor Amy Hasinoff about teenage sexting.

Read More »

Communication workshops and lectures

On March 6, Stephen J. Hartnett and Lisa B. Keranen, from the Department of Communication, co-led an all-day workshop for the Roaring Forks Leadership Program. Held in Snowmass, CO, and featuring fifty ... Read More »

Bean and collegues publish

Hamilton Bean, Associate Professor of Communication, and collegues published “The Study of Mobile Public ... Read More »

Communication faculty and students recognized at WSCA Meeting

Members of the Department of Communication were recognized in the annual meeting of the Western States Communication Association (WSCA) in Spokane, WA, from February 21-24, 2015. Lisa Keranen received WSCA’s 2015 ... Read More »

Hasinoff new book on sexting broadening discussion

In her forthcoming book Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent, Amy Hasinoff, Assistant ... Read More »

Fields on changing landscape of youth athletics

“One thing we are seeing nationwide over the last few years is schools have been much more aware of, and reactive to, anything that falls under the broad category of bullying,” said Sarah K. Fields, Associate ... Read More »