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This Day in History - 12.9.2011

Documented Historic UFO Sighting Remains a Mystery

By Miguel Alvarado

On December 9, 1965, witnesses from several US states as well as Canada claimed to see a brilliant fireball streaking across the sky. The firey object created several sonic booms as it fell to earth near the small town of Kecksburg. Reporter John Murphy was the first on the scene of the incident. He took several pictures of the crash site and the object itself, and interviewed several people that had flocked to the scene. A young boy and his mother who lived nearby claimed to have seen the object, and that it was emitting a sort of blue smoke. Witnesses claimed it looked like an acorn. Soon after, army and state officials escorted civilians away and roped off the area. They removed the object from the scene and it was not seen again. Initial media reports identified the UFO as a meteor, though there has long been speculation that it was something else.