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Faculty Publications

Organizational Communication



Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity, 2nd edition by Brenda J. Allen (2010, Waveland Press).


The DNI’s Open Source Center: An Organizational Communication Perspective by Hamilton Bean in International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence (2007, vol. 20, pages 240–257).


Exploring the Relationship Between Homeland Security Information Sharing & Local Emergency Preparedness by Hamilton Bean in Homeland Security Affairs (2009, vol. 5(2), pages 1-18).


Organizational Culture and US Intelligence Affairs by Hamilton Bean in Journal of Intelligence and National Security (2009, vol. 24, pages 479-498).


Perceptions of Turning Points and Dialectical Tensions in Grandparent Perceptions of Surrogate Parenting, by Larry Erbert and Dena, S., in Small Group Research (2005, vol. 36, pages 21-58).


Politics Closer to Home: The Disciplined Subtexts of Critical Management Education by

Brenda J. Allen and Ashcraft, K.L., in Management Learning (2009, vol. 40, pages 11-30).


Race Matters in Applied Communication Research by Brenda J. Allen and Orbe, M., in

Howard Journal of Communications (2008, vol. 19, pages 1-20).


Racial Harassment in the Workplace by Brenda J. Allen in The Destructive Side of Organizational Communication: Processes, Consequences and Constructive Ways of Organizing (2009, pages 164-183). 


Theorizing Communication and Race by Brenda J. Allen in Communication Monograph

(2007, vol. 74, pages 259-264).


“With You We Got a Twofer”: Challenging the Affirmative Action Hire Stereotype by Brenda J. Allen in Gender Actualized: Cases in Communicatively Constructing (2009).