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Faculty Publications

National Security



 “A Complicated and Frustrating Dance”: National Security Reform, the Limits of Parrhesia, and the Case of the “9/11 Families” by Hamilton Bean in Rhetoric & Public Affairs (2009, vol. 12(3), pages 429-459).


The DNI’s Open Source Center: An Organizational Communication Perspective by Hamilton Bean in International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence (2007, vol. 20, pages 240–257).


Exploring the Relationship Between Homeland Security Information Sharing & Local Emergency Preparedness by Hamilton Bean in Homeland Security Affairs (2009, vol. 5(2), pages 1-18).


Foucault’s Rhetorical Theory and U.S. Intelligence Affairsby Hamilton Bean in Poroi, (2010, vol. 6, no. 2, pages 15-32).


Globalization & Empire: The U.S. Invasion of Iraq, Free Markets, and The Twilight of Democracy, co-authored by Hamilton Bean with Laura Stengrim (2006 hardback, 2009 paperback, University of Alabama Press).


How Does a Pathogen Become a Terrorist? The Collective Transformation of Risk into Bio(in)security by Lisa Keränen in Rhetorical Questions in Health and Medicine, (2010, pages 85-120).


"Is Open Source Intelligence an Ethical Issue?” by Hamilton Bean in Susan Maret (ed.) Government Secrecy in Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, (2010, Volume 19, pages 385-402, Emerald Group Publishing Limited).


No More Secrets: Open Source Information and the Reshaping of U.S. Intelligence, by Hamilton Bean (2011, Santa Monica, CA: Praeger).


Organizational Culture and US Intelligence Affairs by Hamilton Bean in Journal of Intelligence and National Security (2009, vol. 24, pages 479-498).


“Oxygen of Publicity” and “Lifeblood of Liberty”: Communication Scholarship on Mass Media Coverage of Terrorism for the Twenty-first Century by Lisa Keränen, and Virginia Sanprie in Communication Yearbook (2008, vol. 32, pages 231-275).


The Role of Homeland Security Information Bulletins within Emergency Management Organizations: A Case Study of Enactment by Hamilton Bean and Lisa Keränen in Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (2007, vol. 4, Article 6, pages 1-23).


“This is London”: Cosmopolitan Nationalism and the Discourse of Resilience in the
7/7 Terrorist Attacks by Hamilton Bean, Lisa Keränen, and Margaret Durfy in Rhetoric and Public Affairs (forthcoming in 2011).


“An Ugly and Sickening Business”; or, the Bush “Legacy” & the Decimation of Iraq by Stephen J. Hartnett in Cultural Studies & Critical Methodologies (December 2009, vol. 9:6, pages 780-786).


“U.S. Intelligence Culture” by Hamilton Bean in R. A. Denemark (ed.), The International Studies Association Compendium Project (2010, Oxford: Blackwell).