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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Faculty Publications

Diversity, Difference, and Intercultural Communication

Gender Stories: Negotiating Identity in a Binary World by Sonja K. Foss, Mary E. Domenico, and Karen A. Foss, (2013, Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press).

Accounting for Racism: Responses to Political Predicaments in Two States, by DAndra, O., Overby, M.L., Walkosz, B.J., & Walker, K. in State Politics and Policy Quarterly (2007, vol. 7(3), pages 235-255).

The Confounded Rhetorics of Race in Revolutionary America, by Stephen J.Hartnett in Rhetoric, Independence, and Nationhood; Volume I of The Rhetorical History of The United States, (2009, Michigan State University Press).

Critical Communication Pedagogy as a Framework for Teaching Difference, by Brenda J. Allen in Organizing Difference: Pedagogy, Research, and Practice (2010, pages 103-126).

Definition, Equivocation, Accumulation, and Anticipation: American Media's Ideological Reading of China's Olympic Games, by Sonja Foss and Barbara J. Walkosz in Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the New China (2008, pages 346-74).

Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity, 2nd edition, by Brenda J. Allen (2010, Waveland Press).

Our Journey to Repowered Feminism: Expanding the Feminist Toolbox, by Sonja K. Foss and Karen A. Foss in Women's Studies in Communication (2009, pages 36-62).

Power, Praxis, and Equity in the Struggle for Working Class Dignity, by Omar Swartz in Considering Class: Essays on the Discourse of the American Dream (2007, pages 27-46).

Racial Harassment in the Workplace, by Brenda J. Allen in The Destructive Side of Organizational Communication: Processes, Consequences and Constructive Ways of Organizing (2009, pages 164-183).

Spatial Structuring of Cultural Display Around China's Olympic Games: Definition, Equivocation, Accumulation, and Anticipation, by Sonja K. Foss and Barbara J. Walkosz in 2007 Communication Forum: Harmonious Society, Civil Society, and the Media International Symposium: Collections (2007, pages 650-70).

Taking the Grand Out of Grandparent: Dialectical Tensions in Grandparent Perceptions of Surrogate Parenting, by Larry Erbert and M. Aleman in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (2008, vol. 25, pages 671-695).

Theorizing Communication and Race, by Brenda J. Allen in Communication Monographs (2007, pages 259-274).

With You We Got a Twofer: Challenging the Affirmative Action Hire Stereotype, by Brenda J. Allen in Gender Actualized: Cases in Communicatively Constructing Realities (2009).