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Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations


Public Relations


Public Relations has been defined as the management function that entails planning, research, publicity, promotion and collaborative decision-making to help any organization's ability to listen to, appreciate and respond appropriately to those persons and groups whose mutually beneficial relationships the organization needs to foster as it strives to achieve its mission and vision. The Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations is designed for undergraduate Communication majors who wish to demonstrate to potential employers that they possess skills and knowledge in the area of public relations. It also is useful for non-degree-seeking working professionals without bachelor's degrees who plan to enter or re-enter the workplace and who seek to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to perform public relations in their professional environments.

Certificate Requirements

The Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations requires 12 credits hours (four courses). Students must complete the following three courses:

  • 4635 Principles of Public Relations
  • 4640 Advanced Public Relations
  • 4665 Principles of Advertising

Students must also choose one additional course from the three listed below:

  • 3680 Mass Communication Skills
  • 4240 Organizational Communication
  • 4300 Multimedia Authoring

Students may be permitted to take courses other than those listed above to fulfill the requirements for the certificate if those courses fit their professional goals better. Requests for approval for substitute courses, including an explanation for the substitution, must be made in writing to Hamilton Bean.

Grade and Residency Requirements

A grade of B must be earned in each course completed as part of the certificate. All of the credit hours for the certificate must be earned at the University of Colorado Denver.

Application Process

Students should apply for the Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations only after the completion of the required courses. To apply, students must print and attach the completed Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations aplication to an unofficial transcript. These documents should be submitted to Professor Hamilton Bean. If the application is approved, a certificate will be mailed to the student at the end of the semester after final grades are posted. ​

Non-Degree Seeking Application Process

If you are a non-degree seeking student, you can apply by downloading and completing the Application for Non-Degree Admission and return it electronically or drop it off at the Office of Admissions located in the Annex Building of the CU Building at the corner of 14th and Larimer. After your application has been approved, you will be able to enroll in the certificate program.

Additional Information

Additional information about the Undergraduate Certificate in Public Relations may be obtained from Hamilton Bean, Department of Communication, Student Commons Building, 1201 Larimer Street, Suite 3010, 303-315-1909,