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Degree Requirements

Media Studies

The Mass Media Pathway focuses on the role of media in society both historically and today. Students who take courses in this pathway examine how a broad range of communication technologies impact our culture as well as our personal and professional lives. While broadcast television, radio and print remain a key part of our media landscape, new media such as mobile telephony, videogames, and Web-based platforms (blogs, social networking sites, podcasts, Wikis) offer new and exciting areas of study.

The Media Media Pathway prepares students not only to be critical consumers and producers of media messages, it also introduces them to career paths in media-related professions. Critical analysis and media production are conjointly examined in a number of contexts such public relations, advertising, political communication, and public advocacy. We strive to combine theoretical perspectives with skills training related to media production.





Career options in the field of mass media include but are not limited to:

  • Journalism
  • Communication consulting
  • Public relations
  • New media
  • Marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • Advertising

Internships related to this pathway are offered at local television and radio stations, advertising and public relations agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

  • 1051 Introduction to Journalism
  • 3650 Media and Society
  • 3680 Media Writing Skills
  • 4300 Multimedia Authoring
  • 4621 Visual Communication
  • 4680 Mass Media Law and Policy
  • 4760 New Media

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