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Supriya Karudapuram, PhD


Curriculum Vita​

Office Location:
17 Qinghua Dong Road, Mailbox 94
China Agricultural University, East Campus
Haidian District 100083 Beijing, China
Phone: Please contact via email

Areas of Expertise: 
Communication and cultural identity, gender and cultural identity, postcolonial theory and criticism, art, globalization and global identity​

​Education​ & Degrees

PhD, Speech Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


MA, Intercultural Communication, University of Oklahoma


MA, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, and Labor Welfare, University of Madras, India


BA, Fine Arts, University of Madras, India


Dr. Supriya Karudapuram who publishes as K.E.Supriya is an instructor in the department of Communication at International College at Beijing. Supriya worked as Assistant Professor at DePaul University and Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) in the Communication and Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies departments. Supriya's research interests are the relations among cultural and gender identity, communication, and power in postcolonial and global contexts. She is the author of two books published by Peter Lang, NY which are probing commentaries on the power of communication to bring about non-violent and peaceful societies. 


iya was also twice fellow at the eminent Center for 21st Century Studies at UWM where she researched the themes "Cultures of Knowledge" and "States of Autonomy." Supriya received an Outstanding New Teacher Award from the Central States Communication Association. She has been interviewed by the Southern Poverty Law Center on race relations and the New York Times on second-generation Indian identity. Supriya also worked as a consultant and facilitator for Covenant Healthcare in Milwaukee, a leading healthcare company, on their global nurse recruitment initiative focusing on India.



upriya is a brown belt in Taek Won Do and loves to paint spiritual iconography.

​​Select Publications


2004  Supriya, K.E. Remembering Empire: Power, Memory, and Place in Postcolonial India.
New York: Peter Lang. 

2002  Supriya, K.E. Shame and Recovery: Mapping Identity in an Asian Women’s Shelter.
New York: Peter Lang.

Refereed Publications in Journals and Book Chapters

2012  Supriya, K.E. “Bending It Like Beckham: Sex, Soccer, and Traveling Indians.” In Aftermath: Exiles, Migration, Diaspora Reconsidered, eds. Marcus Bullock and Peter Paik (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press).

2012   Supriya, K.E.  “Transnationalism and Identity.” Encyclopaedia of Identity. (Sage Publications).

2005   Supriya, K.E. “Mommy, I love Hamburgers and Indian Food: Good Parenting and the Limits of Identity Politics,” in From Generation to Generation: Transmission of Cultural Identity over Time,” ed. Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, (New Jersey: Hampton), 269-296.

2005   Supriya, K.E. Review of “De-Westernizing Media Studies” (James Curran & Myung-Jin Park, eds., Routledge, NY, 2000) & “Global Media Studies: Ethnographic Perspectives”   (Patrick Murphy and Marwan Kraidy eds., Routledge, NY), Cultural Dynamics,  17:  93-97.

2003   Supriya, K.E. “Argument as Empire Formation: The Letters of Elihu Yale” in the 4th International Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference Proceedings, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) .

2001   Supriya, K.E. “Evocation of and Enactment in Apna Ghar (Our Home): Performing  Ethnographic Self-Reflexivity.” Text and Performance Quarterly, 21: 225-246.

2001   Supriya, K.E.  “The Language of Shame (Sharm) and Honor (Izzat): National and Gender Identities in Apna Ghar (Our Home).”  International and Intercultural  Communication Annual, 25: 106-131.​

​Courses ​Taught

​​Environmental Communication and Advocacy

Dynamics Global Communication (with on-line components)

Communication, Citizenship, and Social Justice (with experiential and service learning)

Diversity and Communication

Communication and Change

Asian American Culture and Identityspecial topics​