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Organic, Physical Organic, and Biological Chemistry

Marino Resendiz

Dr. Resendiz’s research includes the interface of organic and biological chemistry.  In particular, (1) the design of photochemically activated RNA sensors to detect and study small-molecule RNA interactions; (2) the study of the degradation of synthetic RNA containing nucleobases resulting from oxidative damage, with various RNA’s; and (3) the synthesis of radical cation precursors and determine their oxidation potential via their reduction by thiols, as possible intermediates that occur in nature. 


  • to use photoactive short RNA libraries in the exploration of RNA-ligand interactions for applications in biosensing technologies i.e., finding good candidates for therapeutic purposes.
  • explore the potential link between RNA oxidative damage and a variety of neurodegenerative and muscular diseases.

Students working on these projects will be exposed to techniques and concepts involving organic, physical organic and biological chemistry, and will learn how to apply them to solve challenging and relevant problems in these fields.