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Karen Knaus

Tang, M., T. Tran, H. Kim, A. Hund, and K. Knaus. (2013)

“eLmaps: An Educational Software Application based on Principles of Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Science.” International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society. 8(5): 49-64.

Hund, Andrew and Knaus, Karen (2013)

“Puzzling Out Leadership Styles: An Educational Group Activity for Teaching and Learning about Leadership Styles and Group Dynamics in Team Work.” Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences.

Kristen Murphy, Thomas Holme, April Zenisky, Heather Caruthers and Karen Knaus (2012)

“Building the ACS Exams Anchoring Concept Content Map for Undergraduate Chemistry”. Journal of Chemical Education, 89(6), 715 – 720. Publication Date (Web): April 5th, 2012.

Knaus K. J., Murphy K. L. and Holme T A., (2009)

Designing chemistry practice exams for enhanced benefits, Journal of Chemical Education, 86, 827-832.

Knaus K. J., Murphy K. L. and Holme T. A., (2010)

The impact of nanoscience context on multiple choice chemistry items, in Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education, K. A. O. Pacheco, ed., ACS Symposium Series, Oxford University Press, pp. 7-18.

Knaus K. J., Murphy K. L., Blecking A. J. and Holme T.A., (Accepted)

A valid and reliable instrument for cognitive complexity rating assignment of chemistry exam items, to be published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Recent presentations:

"Generating classroom cognition profiles during the assessment of learning of chemistry"

240th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 2010.

"Using factors of cognitive complexity to measure cognitive development during the learning of chemistry"

Cognition in Chemical Education Symposium, 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2010.

"An Investigation of the Complexity of General Chemistry Learning Content"

ACS Exams 75th Anniversary and the State of Assessment in the 21st Century symposium, 238th American Chemical Society Meeting, Washington, DC, August 2009.