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Research and Creative Work

Faculty in the Spotlight


Robert Damrauer, professor of chemistry and special assistant to the provost, received the Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The award recognizes and rewards truly exceptional contributions in teaching, research and service by a tenured faculty member in the CLAS. The incoming award winner gives a lecture in the fall while the outgoing winner gives a lecture in the spring. In nominating Damrauer, Sally Pusede, Berkeley Graduate Student, writes: "If Dr. Damrauer were a merely superb professor, steering me to academic success in a field in which I had no prior interest would be exemplary enough. Yet, in all sincerity, he additionally caused me to imagine that I might attach my ambitions to helping others. He showed me that being a chemist could also mean being many other things. Dr. Damrauer is a remarkable lecturer." 


Dr. Scott Reed Scott Reed led the organization of a Nanoscience Outreach Program at Portland State University with participants from the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Academic and Research Computing Department. Dr. Reed and his graduate students have participated in the National Science Foundation's Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) program and the Nano Education Outreach program at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Dr. Reed has given talks on nanotechnology at the Exploratorium and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).