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Page CU Biology Major Coursework 4-Year PlanHeadline

CU Denver Dept. of Integrative Biology Major Coursework Plan (effective Fall 2015)


This plan is not mandatory, only a suggested path. Taking summer semester, having AP/IB credits, going to school part-time, transferring credits, incomplete foreign language credits are all variables which may make this plan impractical for you. See your Biology Advisor and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advisor to discuss your specific situation. 

120 total credits

First Year

Fall (14 credits)

BIOL 2051 General Biology I (3)

BIOL 2071 General Biology Lab I (1)

CHEM 2031 General Chemistry I (3)

CHEM 2038 General Chemistry Lab I (1)

MATH 1110 College Algebra (3)

ENGL 1020 Core Composition (3)

Spring (15 credits)

BIOL 2061 General Biology II (3)

BIOL 2081 General Biology Lab II (1)

CHEM 2061 General Chemistry II (3)

CHEM 2068 General Chemistry Lab II (2)

MATH 1120 College Trigonometry (3)

ENGL 2030 Core Composition II (3)

Second Year

Fall (13-14 credits)

BIOL 3611 Cell Biology (3)

CHEM 3411 Organic Chemistry I (4)

MATH 1401 Calculus I or BIOL 3763 Biostatistics or MATH 4830 Applied Statistics (3-4)

Core Humanities (3)

Spring (13 credits)

BIOL 3445 Introduction to Evolution (3)

BIOL 3832 Genetics (4)

Core Social Sciences (3)

BIOL 3411 Principles of Ecology (3)

Third Year

Fall (15 credits)

PHYS 2010 College Physics I (4)

PHYS 2030 College Physics Lab I (1)

Upper division Biology Electives (~4 credits)

CLAS Grad Requirement communicative Skills (3) Recommended science writing, technical writing or speech class 

Core Behavioral Science (3)​

Spring (17 credits)

PHYS 2020 College Physics II (4)

PHYS 2040 College Physics Lab II (1)

Upper division BIOL electives (~6) consider an internship and or directed research

CLAS Grad Requirement Humanities (3)

Core Arts (3)

Fourth Year

Fall (16 credits)

Upper division Biology elective (2)

Core Cultural Diversity (3)

CLAS Grad Requirement Social Science (3)

General Electives (8)

Spring (17 credits)

400 level biology elective course (3)

CLAS Grad Requirement Behavioral Science (3)

Core International Perspectives (3)

General Electives (8)

*You must complete 45 credits of upper division coursework for graduation.

**Students without foreign language completed will need to use some of the General Electives to complete that requirement.

***You may not need as many math classes as listed depending on your previous preparation.