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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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University of Colorado Denver Biology Club

Chloe Sanders, President

    Biology is a field with many different facets, ranging from medicine, research, education, and beyond.  The goal of the University of Colorado Denver Biology Club is to build a community at the University that appreciates this fact and would like the opportunity to wholly experience this multi-faceted field.  Through volunteer opportunities, research options, and lecture series, the club strives to not only achieve this goal, but to build a better connection between the students and faculty of the Integrative Biology Department.

Watch our video here​!

President: Chloe Sanders (
Treasurer: Alana Waite (
Secretary: Taylor Coomer (
Outreach Coordinator: Kelsey Fuchs (
Social Chair: Kaitlyn Elliott (
Historian: Cameron Severn (


​Oct. 12th, 11a-2:30p, Baerresen Ballroom - Tivoli 320
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  • ​Distinguished Panel of Anschutz Program Directors
  • Representatives from Medicine, Pharmacy, PA, Biotechnology, Public Health, Modern Anatomy, Genetic Counseling and many more!
An exclusive chance to get noticed by admission reps!
Free lunch provided
Special Gift at the door when you RSVP (at Club to be eligible for your free gift at the event!)